Surgery this morning, was first on the list, was in the gown and stockings and had all tests etc.... Then "sorry we've double booked!"

Sorry I just really needed a rant. Have already had a lap before and have stage 3/4 endo but today was having mirena, a full examination under general anesthetic and a few other bits and pieces. I haven't slept in about a week as I get terribly stressed, I am so poorly at the moment due to my endo and was already in the gown and stocking waiting to go down for ten minutes time. Apparently they double booked as my consultant is on emergency call and I'll get a date for 6 weeks time. 6 weeks! I can't function as it is! I am so disgusted by this. My mum had to book time off specially and drive 4 hours up just to take me to hospital. I know all the formal avenues to complain but I haven't got the energy to go down that route.... I am livid and back to feeling quite hopeless. I can't bear the thought of going back to work as they are trying to fire me due to all my sick leave..

Sorry, just really needed a shout!

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  • I feel your frustration - cyber hugs to you. I would complain ... double booking a very poor excuse and inexcusable excuse. Yes emergencies can take over, equipment can fail, surgeons taken ill, patients too ill for surgery etc, all of which are unfortunate and understandable, but double booking is shoddy and unprofessional and it needs to be noted with PALS and you should complain. a 6 week delay is ludicrous in the circumstances. they should at the least have you on standby for a sooner vacant slot. askfor a letter from the hosp confirming what has happened to show to your employer so they don't count this against you in any way.

  • Thank you for your reply and hugs! I've sent her secretary am email explaining why it should be sooner than 6 weeks due to symptoms and to try and get a letter from work. Can I just ask you (as I have seen you reply to post before about it) is endo and interstitial cystitis covered on the DDA? Am I within my rights to ask to reduce my hours?

  • Yes with either of those long term chronic conditions you are entitled to apply for any reasonable adjustments that will allow you to keep working while dealing with your health issues. The Equalty Act does not specify any specific illness these days, so basically if you are a patient or indeed a carer of a patient with long term health issues your employer is duty bound to make reasonable adjustments.

    the reasonable adjustments aspect is open to interpretation and what your employer considers reasonable and what you do, might be poles apart, and this is where being in a trade union can help you out a lot.

    Allowing more breaks, reducing working hours, or reducing the numbers of days in the week your work are all in my view reasonable adjustments, so too is granting sick leave (regardless of the number of occasions) if you are needing that while awaiting surgery or undergoing therapies.

    If your employer argues about the length of waiting to have the operation on the NHS, counter their argument by suggesting they might like to arrange and pay for a private surgery for you so you can recover quicker and get back to being a productive employee again.

    Many companies do offer private health care plans and if yours doesn't then they have to make allowances for their staff using the NHS (and accept the inevitable waiting lists.)

    It's not as if you want to feel like this and are shirking from work. There's not a single lady with endo who would not want to be rid of it and fit and able to work and live a normal life.

    If you need to reduce hours or have more breaks to attend to your health needs then yes you should be putting it in writing and asking this to be permitted until you are past recovery from surgery and better able to fullfil your regular contracted hours. you can ask your GP to support your request - but they do tend to charge for such letters.

    Ask your employer to arrange for you to see an independent occupational health advisor who can go through your medical situation and right a report supporting your request and informing your employer of what in their opinion is a sensible compromise to suit both you and your employer.

    It's all a faff we can do without, but it is necessary if your employer is not sympathetic or understanding of your medical situation.

  • Thank you Impatient - really helpful and will be fighting my case! Hopefully they will just ease off a bit as I am leaving mid-August anyway to take up a place as a mature student at uni and hopefully they think it's easier just trying to ignore me for a few months :p

  • I just wanted to let you know I have been booked in as an emergency case on Wednesday - hooray - looks like kicking up a bit of a fuss worked! Thank you for your help and support :)

  • So sorry to read this, I can't begin to imagine how frustrating and disheartening this is for you! To get so close and the build up and then have to wait 6 more weeks! Wish there was something I could say to make you feel better! Hang in there, sending love and hugs x

  • Thank you Nayjay. I'm just upset as 6 weeks is fine if you live a somewhat normal life but I am currently too poorly to do anything other than be in my house an Attempt to work my 40 hours per week job. Just finding it very difficult to be positive :( xx

  • I just wanted to let you know I have been booked in as an emergency case on Wednesday - hooray - looks like kicking up a bit of a fuss worked! Thank you for your help and support :)

  • I really feel for you & agree 6 weeks is an incredibly long time. Speak with PALS. It might be that your consultant does private too & your hosp could arrange you having surgery sooner than 6 weeks ???? Really really hope your luck changes - & soon. Keep swimming xx

  • I just wanted to let you know I have been booked in as an emergency case on Wednesday - hooray - looks like kicking up a bit of a fuss worked! Thank you for your help and support :)

  • Yeah I'm not surprised, I think any one would struggle having to wait that much longer! The build up to surgery is am emotional process,but at least you hope things will start to get better afterwards. They've really let you down today! Allow yourself to be disappointed and upset about it, if you do find the energy it might be worth seeing if they can list you for a cancellation, look after yourself and I really hope they get you back in very soon! Also hope work aren't too horrible xx

  • I've just tried to call the secretary and she is on annual leave until Monday and no one else will be doing anything with it in the mean time. I'm going to ring PALS now and see what they say xx

  • Pals are usually great :-)

  • Have just called PALS who were pretty useless and said they can't really do anything until the secretary is back in to re-book it and even though I explained how poorly I am and how work is being they said that all they can do is to get me rebooked for within 6 weeks time. I asked for a letter for my employer from the hospital as it is their fault for today and their response was 'well these things happen... We would have to see who can write that for you'.... I am astounded by the ridiculousness! Xx

  • Mmm not at all what I expected :-( I have to admit if it was me I'd ring them back and ask about the complaints policy - ask them to explain who you can approach to make an official complaint. Try to keep calm though ( easier said than done sometimes) .

  • It's really not your day is it! Good luck with pals x

  • Just spoke to PALS (see above for lengthy rant haha) and I would have had more luck trying to book in this surgery with a Labrador... Apparently the whole world comes to a standstill if someone is on annual leave! X

  • I think I would be inclined to contact your local MP as well. See if they can chivvy things along. You are their constituent and there is an election coming up in a month's time. It wouldn't hurt - even though it may not help till the secretary is back on duty.

  • Sorry I missed the above! What a load of rubbish aye! X

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