More Tuesday! So fed up

I posted last week to say that I was getting a second opinion after seeing same person for 10 years and I was still having a lot of pain. I haven't had time to post what he had said but he sent me for an MRI after doing an internal exam and scan, as he said he felt nodules at top of my vagina. Went back for my results today. I have an area of endometriosis and it needs removing. I have already been taken off the HRT patches and he wants to remove the implant. I shouldn't have had it so soon he said. He said also he will have a look at bladder and that dependant on how far/deep the endo goes he may have to use stents. I am so angry, I have suffered with this pain when going toilet and in the specific pain in my vagina for years. I know years and years ago I had a big lump of endo removed from back of vagina, but since then been told that they have felt it but that they haven't actually seen any. I was going to go back to work next Monday, but am going in for the surgery Tuesday. I have had a family bereavement this week, well was yesterday, so right now this evening I just feel like getting in bed and not bothering get up for a while! The endo hasn't just grown since June so I don't understand how it has been missed, although I know it can be I am just confused angry fed up and completely emotional. No one understands me, I have no one who I can talk to about it, as in no one who will 'get' how I feel. Unless of course it's one of you wonderful ladies. Sorry I have ranted I just needed to vent....hope you are all ok. Lots of love xxx

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  • Sorry to hear you've had a bereavement on top of all if this. My dad died in jan and the stress if it all really flared up my endo symptoms. I saw a gynae for two laps over several years and I wasn't happy with last result so got referred to an endo centre where I'm having another lap shortly. So annoying there are many drs treating endo who really don't know enough. Hopefully things will now be treated properly for you. Be kind to yourself and have a duvet day if you can. I hope your work is understanding. Take care x

  • Sorry to here about your loss, hang in there girl we know how u feel about endo!! Sending lots of love and hopefully ur surgery goes well Hun. Stay strong and take each day as it comes! Get well soon xxxxx

  • Thanks for your replies ladies. I am still nervous, keep wondering how sore in may be down below afterwards and how long take to recover, more so thinking about it as I had decided to go back to work. I have tried contacting my boss but had no reply yet and yest had meetings with funeral directors and registrar about my uncle, so things are a bit manic! I am going for my pre-op this morning so maybe they can answer perhaps on recovery time Etc. I will let you know how it goes. And thanks once again for replying it means a lot to know you're not on your own!! Xxx

  • Awwww all the best Hun xxxx

  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss Hun, stay strong it will be fine in the end in sure of it (obviously you wont be cured) but hopefully surgery will help determine what you are looking at and what needs to be done and you can have a more detailed 'Action plan'. I hope you get the answers you are looking for Hun. And all the best for surgery

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