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I've had my surgery and for the first time in a long time I'm pain free

Ladies I did it.

I finally had my ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed and I'm finally (other than surgery pain which two weeks in has nearly gone) pain free. I have and do cry with happiness. I can't believe it. Seven years of constant daily pain, failed pain blocking injections, bleeding the works all gone.

On my surgery day when I saw my consultant I actually cried when he said that that day it could be over. When I was in the anaesthetic room we both gave each other the thumbs up and the "let's get this bastard" cheer.

And it's gone..... screw you endo I beat you.....

Of course endo is a complete git and also chose that it wanted to give us the finger so I currently am beating a blood clot on my lung but do you know something, I don't care. This is nothing to what we all suffer on a daily basis.

Keep on your journeys, I know it's long and vile and tests us in every way possible but it's worth it.

So in closing..... screw you endo..... I won

Thank you Lindle as your help made all of this happen


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Hi emma.

Pleased to hear you have finally had progress in your treatment after waiting sooooooo long. It must be such a relief to have had it done.

Endo doesnt like to make it easy for us but uv definately beat it with your positive attitude alone :-)

Wishing you a speedy recovery x


Thank you. I can't believe I'm pain free. I'm soooo blooming happy. 💋.

I'm trying not to get too excited just in case (I think we are all like that though after such a long time ) but it's just amazing.

I'm going to be planting a big kiss on my consultants head (along with a nice bottle of wine)


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Hi emma im glad to hear you beat endo and it must be a big weight lifted I wanted a hysterectomy but was told it wouldn't be a cure im just recovering from another bout of surgery and due for a follow up in 3 months and I was going to see about having my ovaries removed to see if that would help but I don't know why my gyne hasn't suggested this has he knows I was willing to try anything, I hope you have a speedy recovery and fingers up to endo and the best for the future amyxx


I have had to fight for six years and it took god knows how many hormone attempts and a cancer scare to get them on the page I needed.

My only advice Amy is to stay strong and play the game. It's worth every failed attempt just to get pain free.

I was told the same for many years, even on the operation day itself that there were no guarantees and my answer, if it fails it fails everything else did, but I think it's worked (along with a new complication).

It's a massive surgery so don't take the decision lightly as you are removing something that can never be put back.

I have a beautiful son and I am only 36 but I know I don't want any other children and was sick of the pain so I knew it was time.

It might come back, who knows but right now it's the end. Endo is a first class 💩 And we are still learning what causes it.


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I'm really pleased for you...i have begged my consultant to remove mine. She finally agreed but I have to have 3 months on zoladex implant 1st to see if that helps the pain. She said if it did then she will operate. I'm on my 2nd injection and they are working but I'm having horrid side affects. Really bad bone and joint pain so I can't wait to get them whipped out and back to my normal life! X


How are you doing now ?.


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