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Rant!! So much pain :(


Hi ladies really sorry to rant but I need to get it all put before I break down! Today is a horrid day pain wise.. u came on my monthlys yesterday after not bleeding for 2 months :/ ( maybe because I came off the decapeptyl injections a few months ago as it wasn't working for me ) I feel like I'm having constant contractions with no break inbetween! So glad I'm currently signed off work leading up to my second lap in a weeks time as I have lost alot if weight due to the stress of it all and need to gain it back before the op plus the fact that there is no way on earth I would be able to work with the amount of pain I am currently in! Days like this in just wish I could sleep untill it's all over! Pills arnt working, hypnotherapy isn't working, nothing works today and I can't take it anymore!! The pain is so bad I can't even describe it. I sympathise with all you ladies out there that struggles with endo. It is a horrid disease that I wouldn't wish on anyone! Is there any tips on how to try n manage this pain? Something that u guys try and succeeded with? I just want to know thay I will someday be free of this disease. It's already ruined so much of my life and I have such a slim chance of conceiving and all I ever wanted in life is a family. How much more of my life is is going to take from me and ruin!!! I'm lucky to have my job.. im on my last leg with them!! Endo really needs to be recognised as a disability. sorry for blabbing on x

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Oh I am so sorry you are having such a rough time of it. If it is any consolation I completely sympathise with all of it. The pain, the frustration and the fears of being able to conceive.

I really wish I had the answer as I feel like I've given everything a go and still feel rubbish. I am currently on ridiculous pain relief (morphine and tramadol) and I am still in pain. Nothing seems to help and it all gets a bit desperate and depressing.

I wish you all the luck in world and hope that your surgery goes well and you get some relief from all the horrible symptoms.

Stay strong and take care


You poor thing, hopefully with the lap booked in, there is light at the end of the tunnel,

Are you seeing an endo specialist, in a BSGE centre, I've got my appointment on 18th of Dec, I can't wait, so need someone to help me too, I've had a lap in March removal of endo, and an hysterectomy in July for my Adenomyosis, but I'm still in pain, fed up isn't the word, been a work today, just got in, in pain, back to sofa,

I didn't see a specialist before, so hoping he will be more skilled and get rid of it all, I think my other surgeon as left it behind, bloody night mare isn't it,

Hope you have a good lap, where was it removed from last time,?.

Hi Alison , first off speaking your truth is not blabbing. Getting on here and putting yourself out there for every one is brave and wise. I think we would go crazy if we could not just say from time to time how bloody hard this is to live with day in and day out. Life expects so much from us they may be normal things for some, but for us living with this pain and the exhausten that the pain brings brings challages for just the small stuff like turning over in bed, sleeping, 3 out of 4 weeks I've had the symtoms of urine infection with no infection so no cure ( endo related they say) embarrassing painful and debilitating I say..... My life is consumed by endo and Adeomiosis ( my spellings not up to much I've had 6 hours sleep in two days ) I can barely see let alone spell right now .... Second day of my period and I'm hurting so bad but life has to go on so like us all we have to find the strength some how some way to crawl through are day. Some days I'm strong some days I'm on my knees some days i fight and some days I can not take anymore. Pain killers, heat pad ,tears, and it beats me and after 30 years of going to the docters about so called normal periods since I was 11 years old I'm finely seeing an endo specialist for my second lap to cut endo away. It was an amazing women on here that guided me through what I needed to do to get me to this point. So thank god for this site and for all of the women that speak there truth on here the good the bad and the ugly it's real and it's honest !!!! And on those dark desperate days when we just can not take another minute let alone another day, I get on here and I don't feel alone. Bless you and all the other women that suffer x

Thanks guys it means alot :) I'm on my second day of my period and still no change in pain.. its horrific. Unfortunately I am not booked into a specialist centre yet but I have contact details of one in Mansfield so as soon as this lap is over on the 15th of this month then im getting my docs to refer me to there as I know a normal gyne person isn't going to sort it. I'm going through with it now instead of waiting because I need some relief now and I've been signed off work ready for it neway. Tboag I had it removed last year from my pouch of Douglas, uteral ligament and an overy. Im pretty sure I have rectovaginal endo so im gonna press for them to look more. I wish u all the best too and I hope u can get some kind of relief soon! Kaysha bless u lovely.. im sorry u have to go through this horrible disease I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It defo helps speaking to u lovely people and to have people who genuinally understand what ur going through and not just thinking u look well so u must be faking it or being a hypochondriac!! Just cuz u can't see illness doesn't mean it's not there, it really annoys me. Was it lindle by any chance that helped u on here? If so she helped me also and it was greatly appreciated. Let's stay strong ladies xxx

I hope your pain is easing and the doctors have given you some strong pain killers to try and help!

I completely understand where you are coming from, I've had 2 laparoscopy's at 21 and 23 and last week found out endometriosis is now in both ovaries so I also don't know if I will ever be able to conceive!...same as you all I wanted was a good job, nice house, loving husband/partner and lots of children running around!

I am currently taking tramadol and paracetamol for pain but unfortunately is only dulling the pain it's not going completely, hot water bottles as soon as I get in from work and all night (having to get up and re do the hot water bottle in the middle of the night with the pain at the moment) and hot bath soothes it for a while.

I've just been reading some other posts on here and it says about diet....I'm now tempted to try a different diet to see if that helps, but I'm so fussy with food so this will be interesting!


Bless u! It's not easy and the mental strain it puts on us Is massive! All I can say is I hope one day u find some relief and u get the best possible treatment. Every avenue I have gone down so far has made my condition worse or just not worked at all. HRT was pointless even tho it was ment to send me into early menopause it did the exact opposite :/ constantly banging my head against a brick wall lol. Are u in a specialist centre? Or standard gyne? I'm going to get refered to a specialist after this 2nd lap. Xx

Oh also have u tried mefenmic acid? They help ease alot of my cramps and sensations.. at the min im taking tramadol and mefenmic. Dosnt take it away fully but it helps x

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