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Lap and hystroscopy next Mon ? New contraception

Hi ladies

I am booked to have lap and hysteropscopy next Monday which I am seriously dreading. Never had one before and what should I expect? How long to recover? Iv got a 9 mth old and a 5 year old.

I have a copper coil fitted which I think is giving me other issues (constantly itchy and no thrush or bv) the doctors only ever talk about the merina but I am so reluctant to it due to hormone side effects.

My pain at the moment is controllable and periods bad but getting worse. I have 2 children and don't plan to have more, although as only 30 not ready for husband to have the snip just yet. Anyone got any suggestions? As think I need to look at all options with minimal side effects esp hormonal


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The surgery recovery was really not so bad. I had pain for 2 days as I was on pain killers which helped loads. I was back to myself just under a week meaning i was up and about. my period was fine no pain. good luck for the surgery.


You are in almost the same situation as me, im 30 with two kids 4 and almost 1, i had same procedure before xmas and was home within hours and pretty much back to normal (endo normal not normal normal) next day. my pain actually decreased for a few days (im on high level meds for my pain as it is alomst constant agony) I have just gotten my results back and have been told I have chronic endo and my options are limited. I can either go on the pill and pray for a miracle or i can have a hysterectomy, this is not an option as we would love more children in the future, but I feel just putting me on the pill is a bit of a fob off as we have covered this ground already, i have had coils, pills, injections the works but unfortunately I have had no luck. I hope you have better luck than me or just a better health service and mine have been a complete waste of time.


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