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Lap next Monday!


Hey ladies,

I got a call today giving me the date of Monday for my lap, my consultation was only last week. I feel so not ready and really don’t know what to expect.

Have any of you other ladies suffered really badly with hip/ groin pain? That’s only the real area I have it, but it’s excruciating all month round now. If so, where was your Endo? I basically just want to make sure they are checking the most likely places for my pain before I’m under! Terrified of it being missed.

Also anyone else have super short periods? I totally forgot to mention it before at my consultation, but they only last like 24 hrs and stop start a few times in that time frame too... I was going to try call and speak to someone but there’s not much point before I’m back in now.


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Hi, I had very similar symptoms. Right sided pelvis/groom pain and pain in my right hip that felt like it was in the bone. Short light periods.

They found endo in my bowel which had fused to pelvis causing the groin pain and also in the hip - causing the hip pain.

They also found it in the left side of my pelvis and in my bladder too.

Don't worry, when they do the lap they are very thorough with where they look and you should see the gynae surgeon just before your surgery so can mention some of the things there if you want but they should look everywhere for it any way as the pesky stuff can hide all over.

Try not and get too stressed or worried (easier said than done) x

Weirdly I wasn’t nervous until they gave me the date, went in to the consultation knowing I wanted the lap etc! Strange how the mind works.

Thank you so much for your reply though, as it’s not typical symptoms it’s great (in an odd way again) to know I’m not alone. Has your pain gone now? How are you managing it post lap?

The consultant I saw didn’t think the hip pain was related to the Endo, sure we will see if she’s right soon!

It was too extensive for them to do anything during first lap. So waiting for another surgery and will start on zolodex prior to surgery. So at the moment pain is just the same which is frustrating but consultant is hoping zolodex will reduce pain

Oh no! How long have you been waiting? Do you have your date for the removal? I hope you don’t have to wait long in pain 💕

Thanks. Things have moved really quickly for me compared to everyone else's stories.

I have my lap in November, seen specialist this week, just waiting MRI and to start zolodex. Will be early next year now for next op I think x

Yes to the hip pain! It would feel right in the joint and run down my right side into my leg. I also got thigh muscle weakness on my right side. I had right sided peritoneal endometriosis removed last month.

I had previously had a negative laparoscopy about 8 years ago by a general gynecologist who said I had nothing. I wonder if they only looked at my organs. I'm sure I had it then and they clearly missed it. My lap last month was done by an endo specialist.

All the best with your opp!

Where’s that removed from exactly? I’ve tried doing a google but I’m no clearer 😂 8 years is a long time to get it found!

Your peritoneum is the membrane that lines the inside of your abdomen/tummy. I wonder if they forgot to look at the inside of my abdominal wall the first time and just looked at the organs inside it. By the time of the lap last month there was visible scarring from the endometriosis which they have removed. (I nearly had my appendix out by mistake earlier this year as was misdiagnosed by 4 doctors, have had it blamed on IBS, and multiple ovarian cyst ruptures).

And BTW my endo specialist said that the hip/ leg pain and muscle weakness where all familiar endo symptoms.

Sometimes I wonder if they know what they’re doing when they’re not specialists. Ive has a doc telling me the gyno is wrong and it’s a slipped disc 😂

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