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First lap and non-hormonal treatment

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I've just got my date for my lap on good Friday. My surgeon has been good, a little over sharing on info as I'm very squeamish but I did ask a lot of questions about it.

I've been reading the forums on here. A lot of you have had coil/hormonal treatment at the same time as the lap. I can't have this as I get really bad side effects from the hormones. Years of seeing what works (nothing) for me has made it impossible.

So my question is this: what do people use to reduce endo that isn't hormonal? I would rather this was my one and only surgery.

Dreading it without the thought it might all come back and need to go through all this again.

Quite honestly if it were not for the pain during sex, I'd just deal with it.

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Hi Fiona, I’m in a similar position to you as I can’t have anything hormonal either. I am due my follow up with my consultant in a few days and he wants to discuss additional treatment with me, so I’m very interested what it could be. I’ll post back on here for you when I know more!! Please don’t worry about it for now, as long as he is aware of your hormonal problems.

I would look into having an ablation, if you are not thinking on trying for a baby, look it up on the internet, this does work. Is your lap checking that you actually have endometriosis? They can burn some away too while they are doing this procedure too. Good luck .

Hi, have you looked into antihistamines? I think it’s quite a new idea but some people believe they can help. Not tried it myself.

I had mine excised (removed, they take some of the surrounding tissue away so it's less likely to come back). Laser burns the top, and ablation just sandpapers it off the top, but it's at the surgeons preference, I had a choice and chose excision.

My surgeon / consultant says he usually sees his patients report the start of symptoms again in two years (without hormonal treatment) and will come back for treatment / repeat surgery in three to 5 years. Which isn't bad to be honest. He has said though some people don't have any problems, even if endo does come back as everyone reacts differently to different amounts that it's hard to predict.

I'm going for just seeing what happens naturally. I have heard other women on here change their diet (I already go mostly dairy and gluten free, and don't really like red meat), some have tried alternative therapies and pain management (I'm looking into those).

I guess the main suggestion I have is; take each day as it comes, try not to plan too much, keep a diary of symptoms and pain, so you / your partner can plan fun stuff around it. Talk to someone about how you feel, if that's your partner even better, you love them so involve them in your endo, it's your life and they care about you (my hubby comes to all my appointments). Enjoy the little things. Try not to think too far ahead or worry too much about the future, I know it's easier said than done!

Try and just embrace each day; the past has happened, the future hasn't that's why it's called the future, and today is a gift that's why it's called the present :)

you sound like me! I respond badly to any hormonal treatments but don't even have a surgery date yet. They worsen my migraines and depression. I'm just trying to manage mine through diet, acupuncture, exercise when I can (aka not on my period!), drinking 3l of water a day and trying to get enough sleep. Limited I know, but better than nothing.

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