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Lap next week!! help...?


Hi girls - I have finally got my lap next Thursday as long with being very anxious and nervous I am feeling very relieved that's it finally here!! please can someone give me some tips on what to do-

firstly I have booked next week off work (I only work part time) to prepare and things and hopefully relax -

is there anything I need to buy for it?

what shall I pack in my bag?

can I still take anti histamines and my pill the day before or on the day?

how long will I have off work? also if they burn endo off how long for that too?

can I have visitors to the hospital for support? and can my mum come in with me?

how long after the op do I have to wait for a shower?

Also any tips on not to get bored in the hospital :)

sorry loads of questions - just so anxious now!!!!!!!

any help advice is much appreciated

thanks girls xxxxx

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Hi Hun,

I had my second lap done privately, so the level of care was way better than when I got the first one under the NHS. I hope yours will go smoothly.

Do you know if you will be staying at the hospital overnight?

Yes, your mum should be able to be there with you.

Not sure about the medication, try to ask the nurses or doctors.

For both laps, I was off for a month, but I've heard off people who manage to go back to work the following week. It really depends on how well and soon you recover.

Listen to your body and don't force it.

Good luck

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Yes private hospitals are much better I agree lol but unfortunately this time its NHS - did u get a paper from the hospital? I hate being ill as I get so stressed about it and things - they said it depends what they find etc I really don't want to stay overnight I hated it last time (had my tonsils out) I was so bored and I couldn't talk or nothing -- thanks for replying hun xxxxx

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Yes I did.

I stayed 1 night, and then my GP wrote my sick note off work.

The pain came back a few days after the lap, and I was just in so much pain, hence why I was off so long.

I pray all goes well for you


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I am not staying over night even if they say I got too -- I hope I don't die .. such a drama queen I am but that's what I am scared of xxxx

Good luck with your Lap. I had mine on a Tuesday and took the next four days off work and returned the following Monday. I probably didn't need all the time off but I didn't know how bad I'd feel. I felt horrendous on the day and there were a couple of complications so I had to stay a bit longer but I was still out the same day.

I was lucky in that I didn't have much pain afterwards but I think this can vary.

I didn't shower for 3/4 days after but had baths instead. They should give you dressings which you can't get wet. I packed a day bag With a dressing gown and some magazines in.

After my op I wasn't bored all I wanted to do was sleep. I was allowed visitors after my op but no one was allowed in with me before.

Hope this helps!

Good luck x

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Thank you im so nervous Ive felt sick since yesterday (that's when they rung me) I am so worried its unbelievable - okay thanks I am waiting for them to ring me back - regarding the tablets etc - I need to shower at least twice a day I am worried about that as I have eczema - I am a bit concerned about that - are you aloud to wear make up to the op? - also did you have any burnt off? I think ill take a week off after as well then I work the beginning of the week so I can recover - omg my stress levels have gone through the roof since yday I am such a bloody mess Lol.. thanks for info though xxx

Hi 😊 its normal to feel anxious and relieved its a weird combination but very real! To answer some of your questions from my own experiences, I've had two, my first one was to diagnose and due to my reaction to the anesthetic I was kept in over night, The nurses will keep your right about your medication etc you'll be told to bring all that in I know the first time I was on the pill and got told to bring that in but last year I wasn't on contraception so you'd be better to check. Regarding bringing anything in, bring a book or magazine as you may have to wait a while...after the op you won't want to do anything. I'm a phone addict and thought after my second one Id want to be texting my pals but honestly it'll be the last thing on your mind ha. Your mum will be able to be there to take you in, my boyfriend came in with ME then went away and just phoned the ward to find out when he could come and see me. The last one I had as I stayed over night I had a shower in the adternoon which was hardcore ha so when I got home I stuck to just relaxing in the bath! My work have always been very understanding with my condition and for the first time I took off just the week after my op (getting diagnosed) but for my second after removing I felt my recovery wasn't as quick and I think I was off for two weeks. Any other questions or that send me a message and I'll try and help you out best thing to do is not to worry I know it's easier said than done but it's worth it 😊 x

This all depends on what you are ahving done as to time .

One of my laps I had done which was fairly extensive I was only in for a day and a night but. I had about 3weeks of work with that one .

As for what to take remember to get some peppermint oil or peppermint tea this can help with the gas pain as they will inflate your stomach during the surgery and it can be quite I compfortable afterwards.Take loose clothing as you will be fairly bloated for a while .Pack some sanitary towels as well as you will have a little bleeding which is normal .

Hope all goes well


Hi. I had a lap and very extensive laser burning done this week. Like you I was really anxious and pretty terrified before. My husband came in with me and then came up after. You will def want your mum with you as I found recovery quite tough and needed someone there to help me as the nurses were so over-worked. I ended up having to stay overnight, and if you're having any burning done then be prepared for that. However if it's just a diagnostic lap then you should easily be home the same day. You'll need someone to take you home and then stay with you for 24 hours just to make sure you're ok after the anaesthetic. The tip about peppermint tea is spot on! Don't worry about having anything to do as you really won't feel up to it. I know that often the nhs aren't great but whilst I had a few unhelpful nurses the majority of the doctors and nurses were brilliant. Don't be afraid to keep asking them for help or information though. Good luck. You'll be absolutely fine and just remember that it will be worth it long term!! Lots of luck! xx

I noticed you asked about make up and I don't think that's been answered. I wore make up on both times I had laps and there didn't seem to be a problem with that. I don't think I was allowed nail varnish though. I wish I'd taken lip balm with me as my lips were incredibly sore and dry afterwards, perhaps due to the gas or anaesthetic?!

Good luck! The build up is the scariest bit, it actually isn't half as bad as you think it will be! xxx

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