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So... Things have moved on a little as I got a cancellation appointment 2 weeks ago with the BSGE Specialist. Far less of a bedside manner than the general gynae first consult I had,but efficient and clearly the right person to have on the ice. Yet another internal which was painful. In the space of 2 days I had a write up to my gp and by Friday a call for an MRI scan which I had Wednesday. In contrast first Gynae finally sent a follow up appointment request over a month later and nothing to my GP.

New Specialist Gynae covered same ground, said there was a balance of risk case for operating and though if possible he'd do therapeutic surgery in lap one odds were that it was more significant and a second op may be necessary. Particularly he seemed bothered by "guarding" on the right side of my pelvis during the exam which might indicate higher bowel endo. Though I've no bowel symptoms.

With Dyspareunia so much worse I've given up on the op avoidance strategy and the first op is set for 6 Dec. Great. I am meant to fly for my winter holiday on 1 Jan so worried i will still be in pain as I took weeks to recover after my cervix op way back, hubby in "it will all be fine" mode too. Still finding idea of op utterly horrific for some reason will have to find a way to deal with it somehow.

Specialist said I would only be contacted if the scan showed any complications that required discussion about op, but I missed a call from his secretary on Friday so now feeling a bit worried... hoping just a bill query....

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  • If it's any consolation I'm having my lap on December 13th, and am flying on the 29th. Travelling ~4h by train on the 19th or so, to not have to spend christmas alone. I'm thinking that as long as there are no unexpexted complications and/or very extensive treatment you should be relatively okay nearly a month after the op. If, against all odds, you feel so bad you absolutely cannot travel that is an issue for then. I'm with your husband on this one.

    In terms of op-nerves I've found that what /really/ helps me is watching videos and reading _countless_ blog posts/articles/medical journals about the surgery/anaesthetics etc. The more I know, the safer and more informed I feel. Plus, by the sounds of it you're (much like so many of us) getting to a point where the surgery is necessary and will be a relief more than anything because answers/potential help etc.

    All the love and warm wishes <3

  • Do you have to travel far for your holiday? If the operation is mainly diagnostic then a restful holiday without long flight may be ok. I wouldn't go skiing that soon. I cancelled my holiday but it was just 3 weeks after the major operation. I would rather be cautious than damaging my health. Maybe you could ask the consultant regarding this?

    I found I didn't experience much discomfort after both operations. However, if I do too much I get very tired and achy back. So you need to take it easy for about 4 weeks.

    You are now treated by a experienced surgeon and hopefully on the road to recovery. I certainly feel much better than I have been for many years.

    Hope all goes well for you.

  • Pleased to hear you are on the right track now with the right people helping you.

    Not to put a downer on holiday plans you need to check with insurance company if they'll cover you to travel so soon after anaesthetic. As it's diagnostic I think you'll be fine but it may up the price 😟 I found mine doubled in cost after having hysterectomy and now can't get cover for endo - which is ok as I can't see an emergency happening due to endo when I do go away although cancelling a holiday due to endo is a risk and one I was happy to take as just would mean I'd lose deposits.

  • hi marcia. i had trouble getting cover. after a lot of ringing around diamond insurance offered cover for endo and it wasnt too much extra.

  • Thanks Natalie and everyone for your warm words. Xxx

    Stella glad to hear you are felling better after your op

    It's a 4 hour flight to Tenerife for winter sun and not skiing. The secretary said short haul should ok.

    Marcia - I hadn't thought of that thanks! I had better investigate!

  • i would definately check your insurance. i too got refused cover and hospital only agreed to it as there was a six week gap. there was an increased risk of thrombosis. in the end i managed to get endo cover through diamond insurance

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