1st Lap and scared

Hi! I am 46 and due to have my 1st Lap next Tuesday 28th. I am very nervous, particularly as to how long I am going to be laid up for. My 2 older daughters won't be at home, but I will have my 5 yr old son home (soon to be Easter holidays) My husband is taking 2 weeks off work. Do you think that will be enough? Any advice on the day or recovery very much appreciated.

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  • It really depends on what they do once they are in there. If it's simply diagnostic a week - 10 days you should be ok and be able to do the majority of stuff you normally do day to day. If they remove endo laser/excision expect to be feeling the effects for a little longer. I had a lap in Nov last year with some work done inside, my partner took 3 days off with me + a weekend in between. I was kicking him out the door perfectly fine to make myself tea and food, let the dog up the garden, watch tv, and do a bit of work on my laptop without constant supervision! But my kids are a bit older and able to get themselves to/from school and help around the house if necessary. To be back to full fitness, cycling, walking the dog miles etc was about 6 weeks. Hope that helps, good luck.

  • Hi, I think it's to be expected that you're nervous. I had my lap on Friday. Before it I was terrified at the thought of general anaesthetic and didn't know what to expect but the staff were so lovely and really looked after me. I had one tube removed and some adhesions removed but was able to come home at about 6 after going into surgery at 9. I've been pretty out of it for most of the weekend with cocodamol. I imagine 2 weeks will be fine as I'm able to walk around a little at home now and not needing as many painkillers today.i definitely recommend heat pads for your lower back as I am feeling quite stiff from being so still and huge nighties...tried jogging bottoms yesterday but felt very uncomfortable in them. Also, I have had quite a good appetite since surgery but find that a full meal causes discomfort so have snacks to nibble throughout the day. Good luck, cry when you need to and let your husband take care of you. X

  • Thank you, what did you find best to wear on way back from hospital (I have an hours drive)

  • I wore very loose joggers and a jumper...no bra or pants definitely couldn't be bothered with them. Also take a pillow with you to put under your seat belt. To be honest the journey back wasn't a huge problem as I was still feeling the effects of the anaesthetic. I have to admit I took the sick bowl from the hospital with me too just in case as my blood pressure was low before leaving so was feeling pretty sick. I have managed today with only 2 lots of paracetamol and a heat pack so I seem to be picking up pretty quickly.

  • Hi Torlynda, try not to worry too much. I am 46 and had my first laparoscopy last October. This was done to remove a very large cyst which turned out to be an endometrioma. Whilst in theatre he also excised some endo from around my left ovary and uterus and subsequently I was given a diagnosis of stage 4 endo (I had no idea I had endo!!). I was kept in overnight, on IV fluids and catheterised. Up + about tentatively the next morning and home by the afternoon. The first couple of weeks I was very tired and uncomfortable though not overly painful. Short walks, snoozing, snacking and reading were my daily routine for the first couple of weeks. Heatpad, ibuprofen and paracetamol were helpful. I went back to work after 5 weeks - I have a fairly physical job in a hospital, had my job been sedentary I may have managed back at 4 weeks.

    The main thing in making a good recovery is to listen to your body, light exercise and plenty of rest.

    I hope all goes well for you, it will be over before you know it.

    P.s. I wore jogging trousers with a very loose waist and a baggy top for coming home. Big pants and sanitary pads were also required. (I wasn't aware of how bloated you are post op because of the gas they use within the abdomen during op...definitely nothing tight for a couple of weeks (or maybe that was because of the amount of boredom induced scooby snacks I ate!!).

    Good luck.

    Sid xx

  • Thank you. Can I ask how are you now? Did it make an improvement to your life having it done?

  • Hi, im afraid my symptoms are not hugely different post op except I no longer have the severe stabbing pain caused by the endometrioma (which was extremely large). I continue to have very painful periods, painful intercourse, pelvic pain throughout the month and extreme fatigue....despite this I work full time + try to lead as normal a life as possibe fuelled with medication. I am currently trying prostap injections with add back hrt for 3 months to see how I feel.

    From what I have read there are many women benefit greatly from laparoscopy with excision, however, the main objective of my op was to remove the endometrioma....due to bowel, bladder involvement it was not safe to do too much excision work without assistance from a colorectal surgeon and urologist.

    I may eventually be heading for a hysterectomy with excision but am trying to put this off for as long as possible.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give you background. I hope your op allows you to feel better x

  • Sorry to hear that it didn't totally improve things for you & hope eventually you do get your life back,thank you for taking the time to reply. I am no longer scared of going in...the opposite scared I am going to catch something (my little boy has a cough & some of his friends are off school ill) & therefore they won't operate, just want it to be over now and in recovery. x

  • Fingers crossed you avoid all bugs over the weekend.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi lovely I've had this done twice and both times took me 2 weeks to recovery. I have a 18 month old and 5 year old the first time I had it done then a 2 year old, 5 year old and 8 year old the second time. Just rest the first few days and try doing a little bit each day after that. Just listen to your body. You'll be fine.

  • The best advice I could give you is to listen to your body. Your son is five so any bit of lifting and bending like laundry he will be a great help to you, I had to get my hubby to wash my hair and my 16 year old son to dry it for me after my lap(he was not impressed) he done most of the housework and lifting for me when he got in from school as was hubby was working.

    After two weeks you should be coming around and able to move a bit better, I had five incisions and my left side had all the endo, my bowel was after developing a corner from the endo pulling it which gave me severe pain before and after a bowel movement, I had to crawl to the loo and lye down for a bit afterwards. Since my lap I have no pain with my bowel movements whatsoever. I went on 3 months decapeptyl and am nearly finished it, I have refused to take any more as it's just not suiting me. I am however starting to experience twinges near the crease of my left leg and am now wondering if they missed some, they told me in the follow up appointment the got it all and it had been there for some time, I was suffering for 6 years and at the end of my tether with it.

    On the up side I am way more energetic and havent had a period in 10 weeks were as I was bleeding 3 weeks a month before. While there are risks and downsides to all procedures for me the benefits have far out weighed them all. Ensure you have plenty of pain relief and toiletries in before you go in to hospital, as when I got home I was in severe pain and I won't lie to you the pain in my shoulders when the gas was leaving my system was unreal, I've heard since peppermint tea is great to ease it. I struggled to get in andout of bed for the first few days as my stomach muscles were so weak I couldnt lift my legs up. Best of luck and hope it all goes well for you.

  • Thanks for the advice, glad to her you got your energy back...I really struggle with being constantly tired.

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