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First lap and no endo - what next?


Hi all.

After around 10 months of being messed about by the hospital I finally had my first laparoscopy last week. After coming round the surgeon said she found nothing, and I was not told to come back for a check up or anything.

Obviously nobody wants this horrible disease, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed that there was no diagnosis after years of going to the doctors.

I had the coil fitted which my gynae seemed to think would cure all my problems, but I'm not so sure. I am also unable to feel the strings for this and I wasn't shown how to at the hospital.

I was told that I had some cysts on my ovaries after a scan months ago, but this was never bought up again.

I guess I am just posting here as I don't know what to do next. I am convinced that having the coil isn't going to stop the severe pain and fatigue, bleeding from back passage and all the other problems I have had. What do I do next? How long do I wait? Will I have to go through all this waiting again if the problem isn't solved.

Thanks for your support x

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Also I had a biopsy taken, she said results may take a couple of weeks. Does anyone know what this would be for?

Milton1 in reply to Eilif

From a biopsy that can also determine endo sorry to hear your goo through this

I am so sorry you've had such a bad experience.

First things first - this does not mean it's not endo. It means the surgeon couldn't find it. This may be because she didn't look everywhere or that it was difficult to see (obvs it could also mean that it's not there and your symptoms are being caused by something else). If you were seen in general gynae and not by a BSGE accredited centre then it might be a good idea to get yourself referred to one (if you google this there is a list, your GP can refer you). Have you had any sort of gastro investigations such as a colonoscopy/sigmoidoscopy so they can properly rule out other bowel problems? I honestly at this point would go back to your GP and start asking for more help as you don't have a diagnosis.

If it is endo then the mirena might prove helpful. If you want to feel the strings, you need to feel for your cervix (you might need to squat to do this). The strings feel quite hard, they are very obvious so you will know when you find them. They're not like thread string but plastic.

hope you're on the mend soon.

Thanks for your replies. I was offered a colonoscopy a while back by my GP but thought I would leave it until I'd had the lap.

Hummm yes I did give that a go and still couldn't feel anything. I have a doctor's appointment Friday so will be able to discuss this all with her then and ask her to check the strings.

Thank you for the advice x

attummi1973 in reply to Eilif

hi,i had a ruptured ovarian cyst 2 years ago,and underwent emergency surgery,as they thought i had appendicitis. They didnt mention after the surgery that i had endo to be honest i hadnt heard of it before even tho now i realise i had endo symptoms since the age of 19,im now 43. They wrote to me a month later to say that the histology or biopsy had shown that i had endo, at the time i didnt even know they were checking for it. so hopefully you should get the results confirming it, if it is endo.

if it is i advise you get refered to a bsge centre , and not wait for your local hospital,as i was strung along til april this year by the local gynae who offered nothing but a hysterectomy,even tho i told him twice that i didnt have children and i didnt want a hysterectomy, he offered no other treatment..he then wrote to me in april saying he wouldnt do anything else. after waiting 18months i was so upset but thanks to this site,i went to my gp and asked her to refer me to a bsge centre and now after having seen the hospital registrar in july,i am waiting for a lap. Do not waste your time with your local gynae if you have endo. as i wish now i had not relied on them since the surgery.

hope you hear something soon x

Hidden in reply to attummi1973

I had a similar experience and I completely agree. I'm 41, I wish I hadn't waited so long to see a specialist.

I don't have endo either... just had lap today. I feel so angry and disappointed , so I know this feeling. Sorry :(

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