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I am considering having the 3 month 'Prostap' injection instead of 3 x monthly injections. Has anybody had this 3 month injection?

My endo pain is unfortunately increasing and my pain killers are only taking the edge of it. I am currently waiting to have a hysterectomy and removal of my remaining ovary. But in the meantime I am considering another course of 'Prostap'.

I had a 4 month course of 'Prostap' injections (4 x injections). I found the initial 'flare up' after each injection unbearable but following this, the pain was under control and only needed Paracetomol every now and again. It is because of this I am hesitant to repeat it.

Because of these 'flare ups' I'm wondering whether the 3 month one off injection would be less traumatic. I am wondering whether I would just one intense flare up following the injection instead of the monthly 'flare ups'.

Has anybody had any experience of this one off 3 monthly injection and if so what should I expect?

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I recently had 11 doses of prostap, which was a mix of 1 month and 3 month injections. The first 2 were 1 month doses and then had 3 x 3 month doses. For me the 3 month doses were much better, I also had bad flare up and localised reaction each time so having the 3 month injections were so much better as it was every 11-12 weeks instead of every 4 weeks and I could forget about it inbetween. I didnt find the reaction any worse than the 4 week injection. But 1 big plus was I also noticed lower side effects on the 3 month dose, still had the same side effects but didnt seem so severe. If I ever had prostap again I would definitiely stick to the 3 month dose. Hope this helps x


That's excellent news, thankyou. It's because of the flare ups that I have been hesitant in having them again. But if I only have one flare up every 3 months I can easily cope with that. All the other side effects didn't bother me as it was such a small price to pay for the relief it gave me. The thought of a flare up every 4 weeks was too off putting! Thanks once again, that was the reassurance I needed.

Evezy x


I had the 3 month dose and had one flare up about a month after the injection but after that i felt the best i had felt in years. Good luck x


Fab. Making appointment now!


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