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What am I to expect now I have had my last Prostap injection 2 weeks ago

Hey Ladies,

I know everyone reacts differently and everyones timescales are different but i would like just an insight into what to expect so i can be prepared. I had the fourth and final injection two weeks ago and would appreciate any feedback, be it on when to expect a period, pain, side effects wearing off....etc

Thank you!


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Hi, I have posted similar questions to this in the past. most people seemed to get their period back between two and three months. I have now been waiting for 6 months and still no period! This is a blessing in some ways but I also have bad menopausal symptoms and the GP won't give me hrt because he says that I am not menopausal enough, whatever that means:) no one seems to know what is going on. As I said I think this is quite unusual though so for you it will probably be 2 to 3 months.


Hi, just wanted to let you know that when I saw the consultant yesterday he said that usually periods return at ten weeks-ish after last injection. He thinks mine will still return but I can now take hrt to make things easier and could have done all along. If you struggle with side effects ask for hrt as I suffered for 4 months when I didn't need to! Hope this helps as i really couldn't find the answer to these questions when I needed them x



That brilliant thank you :) Surprisingly i havent had any hot flushes or night sweats, i have been off food, sleeping like there is no tomorrow, sick, dizzy - literally everything but the usual on the injection. Thankfully i think it has finally kicked in as i have had a good two weeks of no pain or discomfort which i cant be thankful enough for. Im dreading starting up my periods again though. I was in so much pain before, not only was it debilitating but it was embarassing too and im dreading it coming back. I have heard so many people say that theirs came back worse. In some ways i hope i go for 6months like yourself even if it means keeping up these side effects.

Did he give you an explanation as to why yours is taking so long? I was totally disgusted by your previous comment on them not giving you HRT, i mean what kind of medical professional can make that judgement if you are suffering?

Thank you for writing to me, sorry i have took so long to get back. It is good to know that there are people out there that I can relate to on so many different things xx


Hi digger I had my last prostap in April still waiting for my period but I have been in very bad pain all over again now prostsp is wearing off x


Hey Bandit, thank you for the insight. Im glad you have been honest as the nurse i spoke to said i should be fine and that my symptoms should have disappeared - she wasnt the best at her job though with other things she said and did. She also said I would have one with 8-12 weeks from last injection but it amazes me the amount of people that wait 3+ months, id like to know where they get their stats from :-S Im not going to lie, obviously i dont want a bleed as i know when i do i will probs bleed for months on end as per, its an expensive hobby i always say, but id like to know im "normal" by having a bleed if that makes ssense? then i kid myself because i know it wont be a normal one due to whats going on down there. Viscious circles :(

Mini moan over - thanks again xx


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