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Prostap injection advise pls x

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Hi just been given the Prostap injection for 3 months how long does it take to kick in and work, super anxious with the pain i feel like my gabapentine makes it worse? Any advise would be very appreciated thanks ⚘

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Hey I only had the 3 months and stopped treatment it was awful I was constantly heavy spotting constantly in pain and the side affects just made everything worse. IMO an absolutely horrendous treatment but I do know others have had good results. I had my last injection 2 months ago and the pain has actually been better this past month and the bleeding and side affects stopped but it takes 4 months to leave the system

I didn't know it takes 4 months to leave your body, im not bothered about hot flushes it's the pain and bloating that does me in i just can't function then i get teary. The nurse i saw said i would probably have to have ovaries removed but im not sure that's the answer i thought you needed to have your ovaries!!🙄🌹

Removal of ovaries is last resort because we need them to stop menopause. The hot flushes didn’t bother me as a side affect but headaches nausea and anxiety were horrific.

I have changed my diet to help with the bloating as recommended by my gynaecologist and it has help a little bit. Perhaps you should look at FODMAP

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Hi how long take your period to come back after decapeptyl 3month injection

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I had my last Prostap injection end of jan and my period returned last week

Hi, I had the monthly injections and found they helped after my third one.

Have you been given HRT to take alongside the injection?

No nothing offered at all just they are going to ring me in 3 months and maybe offer another injection!! I get scared putting all these meds and chemicals in my body can't be good 🤦‍♀️x

I also chose not to start HRT for the same reasons. I was offered it after the second injection appointment when I started having sleep issues

Sorry to hear that. What do you think would help? 🦋x

I honestly don’t know and to be honest the only gynaecologist I’ve had any confidence in the past 10 years was my NHS fertility specialist who has unfortunately retired as I would have asked for a referral to him.

He was the only one who seemed to understand (as ridiculous as that sounds!) there was no messing and waiting around everything was explained and done.

I think there is a shortage of good gynaecologists!

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