Has anyone had problems while have prostap injections and zoladex implant?

I had 3 prostap injections after being diagnosed with endo through a lap in oct of last year. Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction and was changed to the zoladex implant, I am due to have my last one at the end of this month. With both injections I have still continued to have periods and pain but am not due to see consultant til April/May.

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  • I've had the zoladex injection twice which stopped my periods and the pain so was great for me

  • So glad it worked for you, seems I am having bad luck with it then

  • I have had 3 Prostap injections so far, and although (unlike you) my periods have stopped, the pain is still there. It has decreased, so in that respect it is helping; but I am still not at the point where I can go back to work or function like 'normal' people do. I just dont get it? If I am shut down, down there, why am I still in pain? It doesnt make sense does it? I have an NHS appointment with my specialist at the end of March, but I have decided I cant wait so I have made an appointment to go privately on Wednesday. I just need answers really. I was told prostap would improve my quality of life, but it only has a little bit. I need a drastic change! I havent worked in over a year. I want my life back! Have you noticed much difference between Prostap and Zoldex, or do they do exactly the same thing?

  • I am really glad they stopped your periods but such a shame they have not decreased the pain enough for you to go back to work. I totally agree if they are meant to stop periods in your case they have then surely you should not have the pain. I have been off work now for 4 years and it is just driving me insane, I am in that much pain and my quality of life is unbearable at times. I really do not think I can wait for my appointment with consultant so am trying my best to request an earlier day. I really hope it goes well for you on Wednesday. There is not much difference apart from the type of injection it is. The prostap being a fluid injection where as the zoladex is an implant which is injected into the tummy. They act in pretty much the same way or supposed to! I am taking livial hrt as well and although I am not eating much due to feeling sick all the time I have put on almost a stone in weight since Xmas. I just wish there was better understanding of this as I just get fobbed of when visiting my doctor. I am there every week needing antibiotics as the endo is making me have kidneys infections constantly.

  • Hi, i had 6 injections, although it stopped my periods, i still had the pain. Although my gynae said i shouldnt still be having the pain.. xx

  • It is a nightmare, really sorry you have been still having the pain. Well it is all very well your gynaecologist telling you that you shouldn't be experiencing the pain but you clearly are so should do something about that. I have been to see a new gp at my surgery today and he is not very happy that one I have been changed to zoladex and he said it is a horrible drug and can not understand be taking the livial so he has sent a fax asking for my gynae appointment to be bought forward.

  • That's good news about your appointment. I went privately last week, as I told you, and she just said "you shouldnt still be in pain with Prostap, so it cant be the endo". But I know fom the many many stories ive read on here that it doesnt work like that!!??!!

    I think it's time to get a new specialist.....

    I hope your appointment goes well x

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