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Do i have Endometriosis?!

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hi im 15 last year it was first day of my period n i fainted i went hospital nd they sed it was normal nd coz im anemic this year a couple of weeks ago i had my period (agen) it was my first day i had n excruciating pain in my lower back my mother literally had to hold me in her arms i felt soooo bad i cudnt stay still it was that pain i was kicking n rollin on my bed this lasted for bout 2 hours until i puked it still hurted but it calmed down a bit i always have reallly bad periods my symptoms are lower abdominal pain (right nd left) and specially the really lower back pains PLEASE TELL ME DO U THINK IVE GOT ENDO

7 Replies
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P.S i also have those back pains even when im not on my period

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Hi sorry to hear about your pain. Only a qualified dr can confirm this via a laparoscopy but you may have it. You need to see a dr and discuss your symptoms

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kpetrova7 in reply to Tryx

thanks nd i will go to my GP xx

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Only way u would no for sure if u have endo is being refered to a specialist and having a laprostopy Hopefully u get some answers soon xx

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kpetrova7 in reply to Nicolahunny

Aww thanks alot!! x

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Hello Kpetrova 7,

As the others have already said, the only way to tell for certain if you have endometriosis, or not, is to have a laparoscopy. To be have one of these special mini-operations, for an internal examination, you will need to see your GP and be referred to a specialist endometriosis gynaecologist. How well do you know the GPs in your Practice? A female GP may be more sympathetic - not always - but keep trying

It may also help to know more about the condition, and definitely take your mum with you to the GP, as she can confirm that your experiences of your periods are nothing like 'normal'. Read around the subject on this site, and on the suggestions made by others, above. Also: checkout the posts on here by a woman called Lindle, as she knows so much about 'endo', and she also details where the special 'Endometriosis Clinics' (BSGE Clinics) are to be found in the UK. You need to be sure that your GP sends you to one of these... as local hospital gynaecologists rarely have the specific experience needed to spot all the endometrial tissue, and remove it.

NB I believe there is a book: 'The Dummies Guide to Endometriosis', which you should be able to get on Amazon or from a local bookshop - may have to order. I've heard it is really good for anyone first learning all about Endo.

Good luck and take care, xx

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kpetrova7 in reply to GrittyReads

aww thank you!! xx

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