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Have I got Endometriosis?

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Hi there, I am new here so hello to everyone!

I have recently seen a consultant and am now awaiting a diagnostic surgery in April, after months of thinking im going around the bend and a very annoying bunch of GPS.

I have been suffering with many symptoms, painful intercourse (at times); a deep pain in my tummy rather than in my vagina but not every time, very painful periods with black in colour, tiredness, but most of all severe lower back pain with some in my hip bones, bum and legs; I have been seeing a physio for my back as I was originally told this was mechanical back pain although this has been of no benefit to me.

I have previously had various tests and scans which have shown nothing.

When I saw the consultant, they did a vaginal examination which was very uncomfortable for me, she asked me if this was the same pain as intercourse but it was not, I wonder what it is meant to feel like with Endometriosis?

I am really happy to be having the surgery but also really scared and paranoid that it will be clear and then I will be back to square one?

Has anyone had a similar experience or can enlighten me?


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Hello, my names Tracey I'm 39 and at the stage as you, I've always suffered bad periods and bad back pain, I was seeing a chiropractor for years as docs wouldn't do much because my movement was good, when a few years ago the pain started going round the front pelvic hips ect, my Gp sent me to gyne and scans and a kidney stone was found, although the docs didn't think my pain was due to stone all investigations stopped until they cleared the stone, once cleared I still had pains but daily now since about sep October, now finally I'm going for a laporoscopy as a second gyne said he thinks it's either endometreosis or adenomyosis, if it is endo he will clear as much as he can whilst in there, I've finally meet a doctor that beleives there is something wronge with me,

I'm also more nervous about them not finding anything, which feels strage, op sould be in March, let me no how you get on

Hi Tracey thanks for your response, sorry to hear you have been suffering for a long time, I have also seen a chiropractor which I feel I wasted a lot of money on. Good luck with your surgery, when I first looked up my symptoms I did think of endometriosis but now it's getting closer to a solution, I feel like I am.doubting myself, hope they can sort us both out to give us some relief!

Hi durdledoor, just a quick note to say you have alot of the symptoms I have Is your larparoscopy to diagnose endo? X

Hi Victoria, yeah it is to diagnose and they will treat at the same time if found, have you been diagnosed?? X

Hi, I was diagnosed with severe endo in 2012 and had treatment then unfortunately all my symptoms came back and worse than before. Had another larparoscopy in November last year and they found that the endo has obliterated my entire pelvic area. I'm now waiting for major surgery including bowel and bladder. But needing mri first to check my lumber spine and bowel. Still waiting for dates etc xx

Oh dear so sorry to hear this you poor thing! Are you managing to work/do things? Hope those dates come through quickly!!

No my gp has signed me off work for next 2 months and I live alone and can't drive due to pain so I'm pretty much housebound at the mo which isn't helping how I'm feeling. X

At least you don't need to worry about work, but I know what you mean it doesn't make you feel great being stuck at home I can't drive when I'm at home as take stronger pills that make me drowsy, I was signed off twice and went back to work but really struggling on some days, but trying really hard, don't want to end up at home again, is there anything you can do to keep your mind occupied and away from the pain? X

The only definitive way to diagnose endometriosis is having a lap and the surgeon actually seeing it and taking a biopsy .

It's good they are doing this then you will know and can think about some treatment options .

All the best

Hi there, my only symptom was pain during intercourse which is exactly the way you are describing, it's in the tummy low down , it started for me as a strange discomfort and gradually it began to happen almost every time during intercourse and the pain became more intense. All my tests and scans showed nothing , internal scans are uncomfortable and can hurt a little, also mine didn't feel like the same pain as during intercourse. The only way of course as mentioned is to have a lap to diagnose, someone mentioned a biopsy , I have never heard of endo having a biopsy, they know what it is just by looking at it in your lap, and depending on the severity and where it is they will laser it out or cut it out, I had mine cut out, this is the best treatment , if it is very severe and in awkward places they tend to leave it , wake you up and discuss your options, goodluck , I hope all goes well x

Thanks so much Dollar!!

Hi durdledoor just wondering how you are??Xx

Hi Victoria, not too bad thanks how are you at the moment? X

Hi durdledoor, I've just been speaking to mri department and told them I'd been waiting far too long for an appointment so she gave me an appointment for the 24 th Feb. So relieved even tho my consultant has told me there are still no beds available for my op until may!!! Pleased your ok have a lovely weekend xx

That is brilliant news Victoria! So pleased for you! If you nag the hospital, they may be able to bring op forward if someone else drops out, that's what I am trying to do! Good luck let me know how the mri goes! X

Thanks you hun xx

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