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Difficulty urinating after endo

Hi all. Has anyone else had difficulty passing urine after endo surgery? I had mine yesterday and could not pass urine for 8 hours. After that I could pass little amounts often through the night, but I feel like I have to push it out! My doc says this is normal for a few days but it worries me . Has anyone else experienced this and if so how long until it goes back to normal? X

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Hi - I had a lap a week ago and was exactly the same. I couldn't wee ( although felt I needed too) for hours after and then when I did it was tiny amounts and it hurt like hell! It went back to normal in about 3 days although it still hurts to wee ad this can bring in pain for quite a while. The consultant said that loads of women with endo also have interstitial cystitis and that's why you get the pain. If you feel like you can't empty your bladder fully, the women's physio said to me never to push it but to do a little rock from side to side while sitting on the loo and this helps the bladder to empty fully and help prevent proper cystitis.Weird but I think it has helped! Hope you feel better soon x

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Hi thank you so much for your advice, I will try that for sure! I told my doc I had to basically push my urine out but she offered no advice! I hope you are feeling better adter your lap xx


Not to worry you, but yes it is common and my bladder issues lasted 17 months after surgery and then by magic sorted itself out. The surgery disrupts the electrical impulses what whizz around the bladder muscles and knowck them out of synch. You cannot feel these spasms but they are happening all the time and usually in the right order to have your bladder working normally. when they are knocked haywire it can take a few days and few weeks, sometimes a few months, even many months (in my case) and sometimes never resolve in some rare cases.

It is VERY common for gynae surgery.

There are tablets to try and help you out with urinary retention. and several different ones to try, so if you have one lot and don't see much difference switch to something else. Sadly you do have to get them on prescription each time and it can get rather expensive for something you never wanted in the 1st place, but anything is worth paying to help you be able to go pee. Most people )it happens to men and women) do recover in a week or two. If the pain and retention get too much to bare then visit hospital A&E or the Emergency GP and get tablets.

I tried Buscopan then switched to Oxybutynin. Do not suffer un-necessarily, the tablets are tiny and relax the muscles and really can make such a difference so go back and pester your doc for them. They won't do your bladder or endo any harm, and should help out a lot. the opposite effect is that you might end up racing for the loo, but quite honestly having the odd mishap because you didn't get to the loo quick enough is far far far better than the discomfort of not being able to pee properly.and just piddling half a teaspoonsworth every few minutes and visiting the loo 5 or 6 times an hour with the constant urge to go and nothing much coming out.

Hugs to you..not nice to have that sideeffect of the op, but hopefully it won't be too long before you are normally peeing once more.


Thanks so much for your advice , it really helps x


hi, I had my lap in 1999 and I still recall after surgery trying to wee for hours but nothing I ended up staying in hospital overnight with a catheter inserted. Following morning allowed home after I has filled a container they gave me a bit degrading but got me home !! So its really common to have problems with water works after pelvic surgery as I found out !!


I had the same in April. Immediately after surgery I was desperate to pee but couldn't. Had to be catheterised over night. Even once that was out I had difficulty going which was accompanied by pain.

Drink plenty and relax.

Take a trashy mag into the loo with you and don't get too stressed over it. It does return to normal.

H x


Thanks ladies for all your replies. My bladder is slowly returning to what it was before. This recovery is rather depressing and frustrating, if its not one thing it's another :( I have such awful bloating and pain now and can't really eat much without feeling nauseous. I look forward to the future when this gets easier and I can actually sleep at night! I hope you are all feeling well today, hugs to you all xx


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