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Pain after urination

So the past few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of sharp pains in both my ovaries and tenderness when the doctor presses it. However the last week, I’ve been getting a dull ache after peeing in my left ovary side.

Plus I’ve been getting a lot of spots around my chin which is horrible and hair under my bellybutton 😫

I’ve had a ultrasound last June and everything was clear. I did a urine sample a few days ago and was clear for a water infection. Just waiting for my hormone blood test to come back next week.

Does anyone else get pain after urination or know what this could be?

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Did the specialist mention the possibility of endo on your bladder? Got to consider that perhaps x


I didn’t mention it fully tbh as it wasn’t a massive problem 3 months ago xx

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Spots and hair sounds a lot like hormone issues, particularly progesterone, could be worth getting hormones checked or going on something to control them? x


I am waiting for my blood tests to come back and I refuse to go on birth control for hormones as I suffer horrendous side effects with a lot of them xx


I guess it's a case of what you can deal with more! I'm sure there are lots of options for hormones, maybe some that aren't birth control (my mum is dead set the Mirena works miracles but I'm not so sure!) Hope you find your answer soon x


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