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Trouble urinating after laparoscopy, advice please!

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I finally had my laparoscopy yesterday which found endo on my bowel and ovaries and the surgeon removed as much as he could. I was under anaesthetic for a good hour and a half I reckon.

Anyway since waking up I can’t seem to empty my bladder properly. Im straining to go and practically nothing is coming out. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this?

My bladder feels so full and painful now 😔😩 any advice would be extremely welcome!

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Hey, yes it's normal.

The general anaesthetic kind of numbs our bladder nerves too; this can take a while to recover. Usually about 24 hours. If you can wee - even just a trickle and let gravity go (takes longer) allowing you to empty it fully it's okay. For the first few days you may not know what empty is.

Does your pain in your bladder feel like it's not empty / too full (need to wee badly) or is it from pushing too hard? If it's the not emptying you'll need to go to your GP / see your specialist / walk in centre as a emergency on the day appointment as you may need a catheter in to empty your bladder. Leaving it full can cause damage to the muscles and tendons plus urinary infections.

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Claireb79 in reply to luthien

Thank you! I’m managing to get a little out but I have to really push which is painful at the moment. I feel like my bladder isnt emptying fully but I can’t tell for sure as everything is very irritated in that whole region at the moment and I’m pushing too hard probably too so that may be irritating it as well. You’re definitely right when you say I may not know what empty is though!

I think I’ll wait until it’s been a full 24 hours and then if I’m still struggling I’ll call the hospital. Sound like a good plan?

Thank you again for your advice xxx

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luthien in reply to Claireb79

Yeah don't push as it'll all be very sensitive and sore, you could do more damage pushing - tear muscles and ligaments - in the worst case especially when you can't feel.

After my op when at home I had to sit on the loo and have the tap tricking then just try to open my bladder and wait and see - gravity does do something eventually - seriously the noise does work!

Drink lots of water and regularly, that will flush out the anaesthetic, help let you know when your bladder is full (different to pushing pain), improves circulation (speeds recovery) and prevent urinary infections. I had a litre bottle and made sure I finished that by midday - teas e.t.c were additional to that amount.

Yes good plan :) but obvs if it gets worse or you're really worrying go straight away xx

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Claireb79 in reply to luthien

Thanks Farahziya, you’ve been really helpful. I’ve been drinking lots of water and had a cup of tea now too. Fingers crossed it eases by itself very soon x

Hi,I had my laparoscopy in February this year but before they discharged me they made sure I passed a good amount of urine before being discharged. They told me sometimes they could have damaged something in there so that's why. First 2 hrs I didn't pass urine and the doc was concerned and came to tell me they will have to put catheter in I said no. Another hr passed n I had been drinking a lot so I managed to pass urine n they measured it then they let me go home. I think if ur having try contact them and see what they say. I hope all is ok.

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Claireb79 in reply to Alisha79

Thanks Alisha, I’m passing a bit but I have to strain which I have stopped doing since reading farazhias comment above!

My bladder does feel quite full and I’m drinking loads. When I left the hospital last night I managed to pass a tiny amount and they said as long as I’d been I could go home. I think I’ll try and ring the ward to be safe x

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Alisha79 in reply to Claireb79

Yeah just give them a call n see what they say. It's frustrating if u feel ur not emptying ur bladder fully especially if ur drinking a lot. :)

Hi, I struggled too after my lap they had to keep me there a while to check I was passing enough. It was still difficult when I got home and the advice people gave me on here was that it could be bruising etc and buscopan could help to relax the bladder. It didn’t come to this for me because I’m a couple of days I went back to normal. But maybe worth a try if your still struggling tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon x.

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Claireb79 in reply to C2691

Thank you, that’s good advice. I’m still really struggling to pass properly but I’m still in a lot of pain and scared to strain. If it doesn’t get better soon the ward want me to go back for a catheter. 😔

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C2691 in reply to Claireb79

I know that’s probably the last thing you feel like doing but it’s probably for the best. You had much more done than I had in my lap and it was a struggle for me so I can imagine it’s even worse for you 😔. I hope it gets easier for you throughout today 🙁

Hi Claire,

Hope you’re recovering ok and not too uncomfortable. I had my first lap last Monday and I really struggled to empty my bladder. After the procedure I couldn’t go I managed a trickle before I left the hospital and it was more or less a trickle for the next couple of days. I had a catheter fitted during the operation so I don’t know if this bruised it, made it uncomfortable. It felt like a pressure that I needed to empty my bladder but that it just didn’t want to! So I found myself going more frequently for just a trickle. It does pass though I think everything’s been proved and poked an just needs a little time to get back to normal. Hope this helps. Wishing you a speedy recovery! X

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Claireb79 in reply to Violet89

Thanks Violet! That’s basically what I’m doing, going every hour to try but often nothing passes. I do have to push to get anything out but I’m glad to hear it did get better for you without needing any further help.

I hadn’t expected to have as much endometriosis as I did so I think the surgery was more full on than I’d expected! X

I had this and it was literally the worst experience of my life! Had to go an hour car ride home from the hospital and it felt like I was desperate every 5 minutes but nothing was coming out, and then as soon as I got any relief it would feel super desperate again and my bladder would be heaving and aching from trying to squeeze out, it was literally horrific! Mine settled after 48hours with lots of ibuprofen and wind relief, and went away completely about 4 weeks later! Hope you get the relief you need, not contacting someone about it as soon as it started lead to it being horrific for me haha!

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Claireb79 in reply to kate24601

Thanks for your reply Kate. Yes it’s been pretty bad and quite scarey to be honest. The nurse I spoke to said I’d need to go back for a scan and catheter if it didn’t improve. It’s getting slightly better I would say but I’m obviously still retaining some as I’ve been drinking loads and not passing hardly anything. If it’s not improved by tomorrow ithink I’ll have to go back in. Wasn’t prepared for this level of overall discomfort. Endo was all over my bowels and ovaries apparently. Got to go back for full hysterectomy apparently. Being a woman sucks sometimes! How bad was yours? X

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kate24601 in reply to Claireb79

None was found during mine which I guess is something to be grateful for but since I came off the pill they told me to be mindful it might grow back as I was on the pill for 4 years!

Hi, just saw this post and probably not much help but worth mentioning. After my lap i couldnt pee even after 8hours later and was threatened with a catheter as they wouldnt allow me to leave until i had passed some urine. A very sweet nurse told me of an old wives tale where if you soak some loo roll or a pad in warm water and wipe / rub (sorry if tmi) yourself down there with it this can help to get things moving. It actually did help and managed to pass enough to be discharged that night. The bladder can struggle after surgery and mine still isnt quite right, use to go frequently and now not so often , hope you are doing ok now x

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Claireb79 in reply to lou840

Thank you, things seem to finally moving now and I can pass a little better. Only took 4 days! Such a relief x

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