Fainting with ovary pain - endo related

Hey guys,

Something unusual happened night before, woke up with severe pain in left ovary, thought i was stabbed. On that note that full day i had ovulation type pain. Went to bathroom, an as i was passing urine i felt like i was about to pass out, visions all blurred an next min i was on floor. I mustv passed out twice then got to bedroom and passed out again (sure mustv had a great fall as i feel bruised all over) kept gettin in an out of consciousness. Went hospital an bloods wer normal so was urine test, but blood pressure was low. I have severe endo, an had a failed ivf cycle recently. Not had a proper period yet an i am a week overdue. Any idea what it cud be??? Im still gettin hot flushes, an i took prostap injection back in july supposedly lasting for three months? Endo pains are mainly lower back pains oh the joys 😥 Xx

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Maybe worth checking out you don't have any cyst on your ovary? I had two failed rounds of IVF and a few months after seemed to get some cysts on my left ovary - the type of pain you describe was similar to what I had, so just a suggestion. Also worth checking out any endo isn't compromising the flow of urine from kidney to bladder, as in my case, it started tightening around the ureters (tubes from kidney to bladder) and that constriction caused a lot of pain when trying to pee. I'm sure it's probably neither of these things as both are quite serious conditions, but just writing from experience and maybe worth getting these ruled out. You say your period is late, in extreme circumstances, that pain could point to ectopic pregnancy but unlikely I would have thought. Hope you get some relief soon, I can sympathise greatly x

Hey Sez73, just a quick qs abt the endo and flow of urine, how will they detect that? And what did u say to doc before finding out? Iv mentioned it to doc but they have only jus taken some swabs from my uterus, im quite lost as to why they have done that coz surely that wouldn't show anything about bladder complications? X

Hi there. I had a CT IVP scan (intravenous pyelogram) to check suspected blocked urine flow. The kidney structure is not easily seen on conventional X-ray but this IVP scan uses contrast dye and shows the internal structures of kidney/collecting systems/ureters much better and they can tell from images if the flow of uribe from kidney through yreter to bladder is being compromised in any way. In my case they saw a clear blockage in my left ureter caused by endometriosis tightening around ureter causing a stricture (blockage). They inject contrast dye in a vein in your arm so isn't too painful, they'll take series of images then ask you to pee then take more images to see the flow of contrast dye through your system.this will confirm if the ureters are being affected at all so worth suggesting to your doc maybe?

I'd had an op for severe endometriosis & they saw in the op my left ureter was all swollen up and tightened in one place by deep endometriosis so they did a scan the day after my op to check urine flow and confirmed it was being compromised, I had a ureter stent fitted after the problem with endometriosis was addressed and the stent allowed better urine flow however it was a bit uncomfortable. Had it in place for a couple of months. Hope that info helps, certainly worth checking out and also checking as it could be cyst/ruptured cyst they can see using ultrasound, that can be incredibly painful too. I've had both and my ovarian cyst had joined to my ureter with adhesions so these organs all lie very close to one another so worth flagging up your concerns. Good luck and I hope you get some answers. X

Ouch sounds really painful 😰. Glad u got it all seen to. Gonna try convince these docs to look into it rather than sayin its all endo related and leaving it at that. I do have severe stage endo and too many scar tissues and adhesions. They have said my bowel is attached to uterus too hence the back pain. But now i know something isnt right with my bladder. Thank u for getting back to me hun, will look into it xx

We sound very similar! My uterus, bowel, ovary & ureter all badly stuck down together & uterosacral ligaments a mess too. There may be no ureter problem with you but I think it's worth getting checked out, it's a simple scan which shows very clearly if the ureter is being 'squeezed' by any endo implants or scar tissue which can happen, I know from experience! Endometriosis isn't just a uterus issue and as u know can affect so many other organs so doctors need to look at all your symptoms thoroughly. My endometriosis initially started only on my ureters but then spread everywhere so it can affect anywhere. Any urinary issue the doc should really request the scan I mentioned to rule out things at best. I've battled this illness for years and the one thing I've learnt is to get informed and question everything! If you're not happy with one doctor go to another. I live in Oz and have seen countless docs but have just gone back to my homeland UK & had total peritoneal excision with a v well known Surgeon in Yorkshire (mentioned in these forums a lot) I'm only six weeks post op but some positive signs re less back pain already. V v expensive op though which may not be right for you but worth reading up on more. PM me for details if u like any time. Don't ever get fobbed off by doctors though. Good luck with everything, send my sympathy to you X

Could be a ruptured cyst. I have had several and they are the most painful thing I have ever felt. The pain is like nothing else.

Similar to what others have said, when I had a large endometrioma in my ovary rupture, I had severe pain and almost fainted several times. If you continue to have these symptoms, you might want to request an ultrasound. I hope you feel better.

Thanku all for ur msgs, i do have an endrometrioma on my left ovary but quite small they have mentioned. And also i have been havin muscle spasms or sudden spasms in bladder before passing wee, not sure what that is abt. On that note there are times i have not been able to release bladder smoothly, even though i have needed a wee only through slight force and pressure. I will be seeing doc tmrw so will mention. Just hate it wen they send be back overlooking my symptoms without treatment. And then there is work manager who is an absolute heartless bi***! No sympathies but only demanding answers of wen im back 😠 honestly especially after a failed ivf cycle u wud think she would show some heart. As for ectopic i thought it was maybe that but nothin like that, and i have been on prostap injection for three months so that could be why my cycle hasnt come back to normal yet. Thanks again ladies for the support xxx

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