non stop urinating after laparascopy

I could really do with some advice from others who have been through this, I don't know what to do any more. I had a laparascopy on Wednesday morning this week, they didn't find anything apart from saying I had a lot of bowel, which could be causing my IBS problems. After the surgery they told me to wee before they would discharge me. I kept trying and trying but nothing would come out. I drank loads but still nothing would come, I kept drinking and waiting, they even had to get the bladder scanner to see how much liquid I was holding, and they said not enough so I drank about 3 litres of water and after a few hours finally did a small wee and went home. When I got home I Couldnt stop feeling the urge to go to the loo, I was going every 5 to 10 mins. I phoned the hospital who advised to go to A and E but there was a 4 hour wait time and I was already so tired after the op, the nurse did a quick urine test which was fine but she said it may be too early to show an infection and I went home. It's now Friday and I'm not much better, still urinating every 20 mins or so. It's like I go and do a wee, it starts then a bit comes out for like 5 seconds then it trickles off, I go to sit and down and feel like I need to go again, and it's constant like this. I can't even relax and lie down and stretch my legs out because it feels like there's pressure on my bladder making it worse. I'm having to sit up or lie with my knees up. I went to my GP today, he did another urine test, but the results won't be in till next week, he gave me some antibiotics to try. Is this normal after laparascopy? I'm really worried that they may have damaged my bladder during the surgery, I'm so worried and scared.

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  • I would like to think if it could be anything serious the hospital would have asked you to come back in, or your gp would have sent you back, the bladder dose act lazy after a abdominal lap, so maybe it's just not emptying enough, sorry I can't be much help, but try not to worry, if it's still the same tomoz, ring the hospital again tomoz, or find an out of hours clinic, i though a doc could just test in there and then, my nurse does mine at my docs she rings me the same day,


  • Thanks for the reply, I've just had a bath and took my dressings off for the first time, that was scary! Doesn't look as bad as I was expecting though. I'm so swollen, I look about 9 months pregnant, I can't even walk straight or sit properly, like a big pregnant woman about to go into labour, that's what I feel like. I think like Danielle said it could be the gas pressing on my bladder not helping things. I thought recovery would be a walk in the park and I would be back at work in 2 days, I wasn't expecting this at all

  • Same Hun I thought I'd be fine within a couple of days x

  • Hi Lydia the anaesthetic can cause the bladder to go to sleep, so to speak. It can take a good few days to get back to normal. When I had my lap in July I ended up going home with a catheter in over night, and had to go back the following day. The hospital really shouldn't have let you go home like that. I'm sorry you are going through this its not nice, but it should get better. If there's no improvement by morning contact the hospital, as not being able to empty your bladder will cause infection and more complications.

  • Thank you, they should have kept me in, I was having trouble urinating in hospital, even after hours of waiting and trying I only passed a small amount of urine. It's probably caused an infection from my bladder being lazy like you said. I went to A&E the night after the op but they wanted me to wait till 3.30 in the morning to see a doctor! I went to my GP today he did a test and gave antibiotics, I just want it to go back to normal, this is the worse feeling ever.

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