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Absent period after laparoscopy?

I've had my second lap, 4 wks ago.

Removal of endo lesions & a hysteroscopy.

Been quite ill after surgery, urine & kidney inf, bowels still not return to normal, terrible cramps, IBS symptons & ad buscapan too, wound took 4wks to heal properly, very weak, 2lots if antibiotics, cocodomol, ibruprofen, morphine (although not taking that now crackers stuff), tens machine & hot water bottle.

Anyway I have two more wks off sick and must go back to work as Im not being paid sick pay.

New contract as promoted at work & government won't pay sick pay. Really upset me made recovery worse I'm sure.

Anyway I know I need to get moving, start doing more but pain is awful when lifting etc.

Anyhow advise kindly accepted about the periods bit, had an awful first wk but then nothing due now & had the regular pain but no bleeding etc.and I'm now overdue!

-anyone else had this after lap?

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Any gynae surgery however big or small can completely disrupt your system, and it can take a while to settle down again - days, weeks or even months.

It sounds as if you've really been through the mill, you poor thing. Your period will come back when it's ready. Instead of worrying about that, use your energy to concentrate on getting better :)

C xxx


Hi c

Thanks for your helpful & kind reply.

Yes it had crossed my mind the being messed with & your right worrying wont help you're right.

Hope its not here when I go back to work. Bad times.

Today I have taken out dog for a little walk (Alfie is a 10 month old westie) so achieved that at least.

Thanks for your kind words. I do feel pretty awful & I know most ladies on here been through worse but when it happens to you it always seems worse case!

Nevermind thinking please let it get rid of the pains!

Either that or I'm a nit wit!


Liz cx


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