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Laparoscopy...what next?

Hello all

This is my first post and I'm a bit nervous...! Anyway had a lap at end of June. But I am wondering what next. There wasn't anything really in the way of follow up or letting me know what to do if/when this recurs.

My first few periods were almost symptom free. Miracle. They were awful before- pain, throwing up and passing out. Really came to a head earlier this year. But now I think some of the problems are creeping back in. But I am not sure. Does anyone know? Feeling a bit lost. Any help gratefully received. I'm not on the pill cos trying for a baby too!

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I had my lAP OVER 2 years ago

And Iv been on injection with HRT add back

I'm going back on the 12 of Jan to have HRT INPLANTS hopefully they will help

I to have really nasty periods ( being sick, back pain ,headaches terrible pain in my tummy

And not having any for 12 months has been a god send

Yet on the other hand I'm getting night sweats headache and I don't sleep

I'm sorry if I sound all doom and gloom

It's took me a very long time to except that I have this ,but this year I'm going to take a new out look on this whole thing and try with every inch of my body and soul not to let endo run my life

I may have to have a hysterectomy in 3 months if the INPLANTS work this time I'm still not sure what to do as I'm concerned about the endo coming back after the hysterectomy

I'm afraid to say that there is no quick fix

It helps talking on here as we are all in the same boat

Iv not been on here in a while but it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone

Really hope you get sorted take care x


Hello thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me. Really does help. It is setting in I think that I have to live with this. It's just so confusing knowing where you can go to for advice. And part of me thinks the whole baby thing just won't happen. It's a very difficult time and so many questions!

I have been making changes to my diet and exercising more in the hope of keeping it at bay as long as poss!

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. I hope you manage to find some comfort from taking control and really glad to hear you have had some respite for the last 12 months. It's a really horrible and debilitating condition. All the best.


Your welcome

Is there any endo groups in your area ??

I ring the endo help line they are really helpful

endometriosis uk website they have pages of information

I do yoga and I have changed my eating habits

I keep getting really depressed then I go down hill

Trying to stay positive is a Dailey battle and the unknown is so scary

I have a good family that will help me out but they just don't get it

so I say I'm fine when really I'm living in this hell that is my life



Hello. Sorry for the slow response. Been a crazy few days. Endo groups is a really good suggestion. I did join endo UK. But haven't been on it much. Will try the hot line.

I have been exercising and and doing yoga and changing habits too!

Trying to stay positive is really hard. And I have a good support network too. But I think it's difficult for some to comprehend that this will probably come back and that I have to live with it now. And the lifestyle changes are permanent.

The unknown is horrible. I think that's the worst bit for us. Sometimes I wish there was a line and we knew we couldn't have kids and exhausted all options and we could think about the next thing we want to do or come to terms with it and try and move on. It is hell and some days I can't see how or if we will move on from this.

I think one day at a time. There will be really dark days. But some good ones too. So hard and I really feel for you. Please do feel free to stay in touch. I wish you all the best xx


Hello, if you're trying for a baby and there's been no follow-up from your op i'd definitely recommend chasing your fertility consultant (or your GP if you don't have one). Mine has required constant chasing x


Hi thanks for getting in touch. I think I should have been a bit clearer-I was hoping to have more follow up in terms of living with the condition and I (naively) thought they would monitor me. Like say to me come back in 12 months so we can check if it's coming back or if all well. We have just been offered ivf so that is something but took a while getting there. Been ttc since 2011. Two miscarriages and an endo diagnosis later it's all getting very depressing as this is all so confusing and I don't know where to look for advice and I don't know what happens long term. I suppose time will tell!

It helps to have responses from people like you so I know I am not alone! Thank you!


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