I had my second lap in April where they removed severe endo, I was prescribed cerazette and told to take it back to back for 3 months to prevent the endo from returning (or at least delay it) I've previously made the decision not to take any hormones as even though without them the pain is worse I've found they mess around with my body and also make me prone to bouts of anxiety and depression. However this time I'm giving cerazette a try, and started on the first day of my (horrendous) first post lap period. 4 days before the end of my first pack I started to bleed again and now 8 days later still bleeding - dark brown colour and tummy and back cramps. Also finding that I feel quite fragile - snapping a lot and getting teary over silly things. Just wondered if anyone else had any experiences (good or bad) with cerazette and when I can expect this bleeding to stop - I thought the whole point of taking it was so that I wasn't bleeding?? Thanks for your help and advice x

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I started cerazette in 2011 for irregular periods. I was having a period every other week. I didn't wait until the first day of my period to start taking it as I was on the week where I didn't bleed (doc said this was ok). I had one period a month after taking it then nothing for a long, long time. I get maybe 2 breakthrough bleeds a year on it now and actually find it to be the most wonderful drug for now. I've had no side effects and other than the odd time now and again, I'm relatively pain free in terms of endometriosis. I'd perservere with it if you can? It may take 3 months or so for your body to settle with it, but as is the case with everyone, we all react differently to meds too. I hope it works for you or that you can find something that does x

Hi bomberkl, I've not had experience of cerazette but I was on another combined pill (mercilon) for 10 years in my 20s and this kept my endometriosis from worsening for years. I came off the pill in my mid 30s and little did I know it was now letting my endo grow again. So at the age of 45 it suddenly reared its head and I've had to have surgery and all sorts now. I so wish I hadn't come off the pill. So my point is I think you're right to take some form of hormone and put this disease to sleep as it could save you many problems further down the line. However I didn't have any bad side effects from taking the pill and nor should you. I think the post lap period explains the bleeding, (it's usually the worse period I believe) and very likely the other blood (brown blood is old blood so isn't a new period but probably from the operation) but I don't think the emotional reaction sounds quite right to me. Different people have different reactions to the many hormones out there .. so it might be cerazette isn't the right one for you. If I was you I would go back to my doctor and get some advice and reassurance and perhaps suggest that you try something else (there are loads out there). Just to reassure you your body can take a long time to settle down after an operation and although I had a merina coil fitted during my op in March I'm still spotting now weeks later and having periods. I honestly thought, like you, it would stop all that. I'm going to persevere with it though because fortunately it's not affecting my moods. I do hope you have a caring doctor and find the right hormone for you. Take care xx


I was exactly the same. I had my second lap then was put on Cerazette. I had a few break through bleeds throughout the first four months but they got lighter and shorter. I am still taking it now and I must admit it's the best medication I've taken for endo. I am pain free and I don't suffer with the depression like I have with everything else. Just try and stick with it for at least 6 months. My Dr always said all meds take at least 6 months to settle in anyway. I wouldn't come off it now, not until I'm ready for a family. It's worked well for me. I hope it does for you too eventually!

Hi I was diagnosed last month with severe endo too and react badly to any hormones so was really reluctant to taking anything as I had bad experiences with cezarette in the past. However I am now on micronor and I am really surprised at how well my body is reacting to it. I feel normal (no weight gain, spots, irritable days, bleeding) although this does not a mean that your body will react fine to it too, i just thought ild let you know that I was once feeling at a deadend but sometimes it's a matter of 'trial and error' to use a cliche

Hi Bomberkle. I had a norms, period after taking it for a full month and then it settled down. I had to switch my antidepressants to Prozac though and this has started some light bleeding again, but nothing terrible and the pain is bearable. I am now studying to be a Sophrologist so I don't have to take antidepressants anymore and it is fascinating how they link this kind of disease to the way our mind works and how we see our bodies. Keep smiling no matter what and it can make a difference. Big hugs xx


I was on femodene for years but started to have terrible irregular bleeding and cramping so GP changed me to cerazette and it was fantastic for 6 months, it really helped but then the cramping started again and so now changed to Mirena as my gynae said it can be very effective. However the Mirena going in is not a pleasant experience so I would advise that you give cerazette a chance. I did have some breakthrough bleeding for about the first 6 weeks of the pill. I also had quite swollen and sensitive nipples for a bout 2 months but that settled completely. Your mood swings may be due you having had the op and the worry of it all rather than the pill itself. Try to get some time to yourself to relax and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Hi bomberkl

Your message jumped out at me because I started taking cerezette 30 days ago and also had a period. I tried taking this progesterone only pill 3 years ago but because my boobs were so sore immediately I stopped straight away. Since then (18 months ago) I was diagnosed with endo and multiple fibroids, enlarged ovary stuck to uterus and bowel, resisting having hysterectomy as not had children (aged 44) and feel attached to my organs, however 6 weeks ago was in so much pain and so miserable and swollen just after my period thought I should consider the op.... which led me back to gp when I asked can I please stop having my period as that's when my pain is unbearable, hence now on this pill. He explained it could take 3 months to stop period completely and having just had my period I was relieved period pain was at a 5/10 instead of full on 10/10 and only took 2 co-codomol throughout my period. The blood was very dark (almost black looking) and at 7 days I'm still bleeding, however it's not a lot, no flooding which is what I got used to. From an acupuncture/Chinese medicine point of view I know dark blood is about 'stagnant' energy and therefore not ideal but I'm thinking I just need a rest until I make decisions of what to do next.

Also, one of the symptoms my cycle had kindly given me was that once bleeding stops, I have kind of dragging/pulling feelings in my lower back, left hip, left groin, left ovary area which is still happening - I'm hoping this stops because this is one of the things I hate as it keeps me 100% aware all the time of my physical condition and it's all I think about sometimes. When I started taking cerezette all these after period sensations completely stopped so I don't know why it's doing it now.

Sometimes I just accept that it's a minefield all this gynae stuff I'm going through, it forever changes and sometimes I just wish I could see inside my body to understand what's going on for myself rather than relying on medical people where I'm given conflicting advise. Waiting for next appointment with gynae to help me on my way :)

I have gone down the holistic route treating myself and the best thing was acupuncture for endo because it truly works, my acupuncturist got my body to deal with a chocolate cyst (4cm) which by next scan had disappeared, if it wasn't for the fibroids I'd be happy that I'd found my perfect non-invasive coping mechanism.

Happy Friday one and all.



I had my first lap in December 2013 and was put on cerelle pill which Is suppose to be exactly the same as cerazette just a cheaper version so I'm told. I had alot of pain and bleeding for first 4 months bleed on and of constantly but my doctor was adamant I persevered with it. Well 6 months down the line bleeding had just completley stopped which I'm guessing is a good thing but I still get pain so in kind of nit sure whether to stay on it because has stopped bleeding or try something else for the pain. I know you've got to give it at least 6 months to work that's what everyone seems to tell me. I havnt really had any problems with depression and anxiety other than in the beginning but to be honest I think that was a mixture of struggling with the diagnosis and being in pain and I wasn't thy keen on taking hormones but kind of feel like I have no choice now and have to. Good luck with it and I hope it works for you but from my experience I would definatley give it a good 6 months my doctor seems to swear by it x x

Hi all I took cerezette I lasted 10 days as I was constantly bleeding and I was either really angry or in tears it was awful for me!

I'm know thinking after treatment to try the mirena coil again as I can't bear the pain anymore it's affecting my bowel and bladder and leaving me totally miserable!

Good luck to you all with your own battles. X

I've always been quite sensitive to taking hormones myself. Although it can be quite expensive, I find a herbal prescription helpful as they can prescribe stuff to help with raising progesterone levels and to treat depression/mood swings at the same time. You can find a local herbalist on this site. nimh.org.uk/

It's not for everyone but it helps me. Some herbs can be taken alongside conventional treatment as well to help with the side effects.

I'm sorry to hear your effects from the meds, I have stage 4 endo and even on zoladex with the coil in and depo-provera injections I bleed day in day out of the month, my consultant put me on tranexamic acid (a clotting tablet) to stop the bleeding as my haemoglobin dropped a lot. I think if it's so severe you will bleed because endo ruins the way your body works, I am awaiting a total hysterectomy, but it's taking some persuading because I'm 30 with no children. I'm ready but my consultant hasn't got her head around it.

Take care and do re-visit your doc if you feel you need more input.

Forgot to add - cerazette didn't work for me either just made me vomit a lot too x

I'm on cerazette and I do get times exactly like that, when this happens I get an "upgrade" to Northisterone. The N stops any bleeding from occurring. Cerazette is quite harsh on mood levels, kind of gives waves of pmt with no rhyme or reason - def go back to your GP if you are getting this as you may need something to balance your seratonin levels ( I have something for it as well as instructions to do things that boost seratonin)

I was put on the mini pill last december was constantly bleeding with the 1st brand so put on Cerezette in march to try & give me relief for my endo & other assorted gynea problems. Im having the same problems as you im having periods with break through bleeding in between which is very dark. Im tired all the time & tearful at times BUT its the 1st month in 26 yrs i havent missed a days work due to the agony of my periods so things are improving lol !!

I,d plod on for abit longer and revaluate in another 3 months time. Its what im going to do !

Hope things improve for you !!

I found Cerazette fantastic for coping with my endometriosis. It stopped all the pain completely. The only problem I had with it was bad thrush which is such a shame as it was fantastic with everything else. I'm currently having a break as trying to conceive but I'd definitely give it a go as it really helped me. Good luck xx

Hi I have been on cerazette for approx a year and have only bled when I wasn't consistent with taking it which seemed to last forever but not heavy, I have suffered all the symptoms you've described but never know which meds make me feel this way as I take a few for various illnesses. What I would say is give it a try fingers crossed it starts to work for you. Best off luck, xx

Thanks Joanne I'll give it a go. X

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