Worried!! Bleeding between period.. Again

Hi everyone, I posted a couple of months back about bleeding between periods. About 4 months ago for the first time I noticed around a week after my period I would have light bleeding, I am concerned as the bleeding seems to be getting worse with each period I have and lasts a few days or so. Today I have had a larger amount of blood than ever before and it's quite dark and also a sort of period pain with it, more than my normal endo pain. It's certainly heavier than spotting but not as heavy as my actual period. Is this normal with endo? the reason I ask is that I'm a little concerned because it's quite dark blood too and there is a fair amount of it. May be worth mentioning that I recently had a smear, about 4/5 months ago and it was all clear. Thanks so much in advance for reading and all replies. 

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  • If your worried definately go to your doctor. You know what is normal for you. My cycle is all over the place, I seem too just bleed for the craic. But when I was trying to figure out my cycle I discovered I bleed for around 5-6 days during ovulation ( I used ovulation strips to figure out the time) I still have don't have an explaination for the other bleeds but I do know darker blood is old blood. But like I said definately go to your doc if your worried and bleeding between periods isn't normal for you. xxx

  • Thanks for your reply! Ive booked an appointment as I think your right, best get it checked! I may try the ovulation sticks actually, that sounds like a good way to check and may give me an indicator of why I'm bleeding. 

  • I have quite brown, dark blood towards the end of my period, I mentioned that to the Radiologist and she said it was normal and just old blood. I have chocolate cysts and they are filled with this old blood too.

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