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Another OP cancelled on the NHS

Sorry this is a major rant and if anyone can give some advise it would be greatly recived

I was booked in for my 3rd lap on 31st July. Pre assesment done. I called the consultant last week as was not sure if i needed a bowel prep as i have had to previously. Recived a call this morning to say that i do actually need it and that my op has now been cancelled as i have to be an in Paitent. Why i dont know it is only a laxative the night before.

I had to have 2 precedures last year on my cervix which ended up being cancer. First precedure cancelled twice once when i was on the ward gowned up and waiting to be seen had already been there 7 hours when cancelled which was out of order.

what can i do my whole life is AGONY and i now have to wait possibly till November.

if there is anyone who can help me please do as i have no idea where to start

Rant over thank you xx

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Hi mazza, u poor thing. Its wrong that they keep cancelling. My only advice would be to ring everyday to try get a cancellation.. I read a blog on here once , was a ladie who rang hospital everyday for weeks and eventually she managed to get a day someone had cancelled. Its worth a try? Im sure other ladies mite know the system better. Hope its not too long for u x


Just replied to u then i had my gyne sectretery ring me to cancel my august appointment which i desperately need. Typical. Shes lucky i wasnt stood infront of her i tell u.. Rude woman. X


thats so bad and frustrating. I have now made a complaint about as to be told that it was my fault for asking the question is out of order especially when the professional should have dont this in the first place.

its unfair on us as the paitent as now have to be in agony longer. Also the NHS has 18 weeks from referal to get you the treatment you need

when i went privately i had my consultation and was booked in to have the Lap the next week wish i could afford to do it privately again x x


I hear u hun. Iv been on sick for 3 months. Iv seen i dont know how many docs and 4 gynes. Iv tried everything theyv asked.. Years this has been going on and i still havent even had a lap even tho 3 gynes said 99% sure its endo. Im now on decapetyl (worse experience of my life) and gyne said hel just give me a hysterectomy at end of it. Now im told il have to wait till after new year to even see him again!!?? So this going threw menopause was for nothing and even if it is endo and it does shrink itl just grow ack by time i get to see him again.. Sorry for ranting. Let us know how u get on hun .claire x


it is horrible Claire. so not fair at all. it is disgusting the way we are treated if it was an animal it would be considered inhumane for them to be treated like this but with actual people its fine let them suffer dosent matter how bad it gets.

this is my last lap i can have if i want any chance of conceiving a child feel like they are just snatching any hope i have away

god there is a few things i would like say given the chance to actually see them but you cant can you

thank you for your comments and support x x x maria x x x


Hi maria, let me know how u get on. Would be nice to hear a few words of encouragment. Iv all but givin up. I guess il just take painkillers and live with it. I cant fight anymore.. Im so tired of it. Please let me know how u go. Goodluck. Claire xx


Hi Claire dont give up. Make a complaint. All complaint procedures are different for each Hospital but they should have a department called PALS that you can email and can look in to things for you failing that speak to the Heath Service Ombudsman and see if they can help at all. I have complained now and just waiting for a respone.

My Gyne secretary called me yesterday and asked about my previous Lap's and what happened then called again and made me get my notes from the other hospital for them?? is that not their job? anyway i done it and now have copies of everything. keep your chin up and dont stop fighting. Complain and take things higher hun. they wouldnt let an animal suffer so why should you.

Always here to help if you need it x x x


Thankyou. Just spoke to secretery again.. After pretty much arguing with her for 5 mins she said she would ring me back with 'emergency appointment' nice of her ..witch (sorry but shes very rude) lets see what happens..thanks again.xx


Hi Mazzda, I think you answered my rant when I had my op canceled. I really do feel for you and know exactly what you are going through. The NHS have forgotten they are dealing with human beings and not just stats! My advice, which I'm sure your doing anyway is to pester, pester, pester! I made a formal complaint through PALS and they did get back to me, but were pretty feckless! My brother in law is a GP and he said there is a PALS GP liaison person in our area (Cambridgeshire) I'm not sure if it's the same in different parts of the country. Anyway he said that if I didn't get any joy contacting PALS myself I should speak to my GP to get them to do it through the liaison person as they get the job done!

Another thing you could do if you want to meet with your consultant ASAP would be to make a private appointment if you can afford it, mine cost £150 for a consultation. It's amazing how they jump into action when there is a fee!

I wish you lots of luck and send you a big hug to keep you going in your battle!


Thank you i spoke to the Health Service ombudsman yesterday and they have helped me to send a complaint through to the Cheif Executive so that has been sent and have got to wait for a call back from the consultant secretary (never the consultant). but i will be telling them i have complained about everything and especially telling me that it was my own fault for asking the question how stupid is that i am an amature in comparison.

the thing is with me i will keep bugging them untill i get the answer i want but so i should i have been messed about enough regarding this.

i just dont see why i would need to stay in hospital just because i have to take a laxative the night before my op makes no sence at all.

thank you again for you kind words of support x x x


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