Op was cancelled!!

Was due to have a lap on Monday. Went into hospital, got into my gown, went through all the paperwork with the nurses, saw the anesthetist only to be told at the last minute that my op had been cancelled because the morning list was overrunning and as I was last on the afternoon list they couldn't fit me in. Was gutted now just waiting for a new date.

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  • Really sorry to hear you were cancelled. Unfortunately it does happen cos running to such tight demands. I was the reason 2 people's operations got cancelled. Your turn will come. Keep positive. Speak to trust tho to raise concerns if I were you. X

  • Thanks. Yes I've been on the other end before having an op take longer than first thought. Hadn't thought about speaking to the trust to be honest as these things happen surely. X

  • Poor you, you get yourself all psyched up and then they cancel. How annoying, had you booked time off and everything?

    Hopefully the new op date won't be too far in the future.

    Good luck xxxxx

  • Thanks trying to agree new date as we speak. X

  • How awful sorry for you how long had you waited for the op x

  • Thanks. No I hadn't been waiting long, I was initially told there was a 4 months waiting list so Oct/Nov was when it should be but I got lucky and got a cancellation for last week. It's just unlucky it was cancelled x

  • Goodness good luck followed by bad luck not fair good luck with the op when it happens should be due xx

    Hope all goes well x I'm waiting for an op also so know how frustrated you must be x

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