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Cancelled op! A new date!


Hey everyone , so for the guys that haven’t read my previous post my lap and cystoscopy was suppose to be last Thursday , sat there till 16.30 to be told there was no bed’s I was soo mad and when they didn’t call me bk after saying they were made me even more angry.. So today with being Monday I thought surely I should here from them, I got a call when I was at work , it was my gynae consultant secretary she appologised for not calling me over weekend and told me I was on cancellation list but if I don’t get cancellation my date will be 11th off April so not long to wait I’m praying this date it will go ahead I can’t stand waiting even longer... I read up about cancelled op’s over the weekend I came across nhs cancellation policy you should be seen within 28 days , so from Thursday to my next app will be 28 days exact... While waiting for op I was seen by my surgeon he mentioned there is endo on both my ovaries and possible on bladder ... I’m feeling very stressed about the whole thing ... he mentioned I possibly will need to remove an ovary I asked is it defo possible to get pregnant with one ovary he replied yes , i Just can’t stop thinking what if I need both removed or one of them removed , all I want is to have a family not at this present moment but defo in the future , has anyone fell pregnant with one ovary ?? I am prob over thinking about it all but I cannot get it out my head and to know I have to wait till 11 th April! Hope everyone is doing well x

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I've been cancelled twice so now on my 3rd date - so I wouldn't get your hopes up (I'm not) I've complained and pointed out my long wait etc and not had a response! I know my locla hospital has had a really bad winter and non urgent ops have not been happening - which doesn't help when you are waiting for one!

Just wanted you to know you are not alone in waiting.

I have no idea re pregnancy bit sorry.

Aww really that is not good! The policy is it has to be within 28 days.. I would keep calling them asking for cancellation , and question why they have a policy of 28 days after your has been cancelled twice, I defo know I’m not the only one who has been cancelled I bet there are thousand of us in the same boat! I have two hospital’s near me that both have gyna wards so I’m on both cancellation list’s ... I hope you get your lap soon finger crossed 🤞

I think the Sec/admissions team are sick of my calls/emails but I guess the policy is no good if there are no beds - as someone said if something went wrong and hospital didn't have the resources to cope it would be a disaster so perhaps waiting for a quieter time is better.

Same here had to had surgery on the 20th of January and it’s beencancelled yet again I am waiting for he 18th of April that’s when they say I should get it ( fingers crossed) I am also on prostap so I am on a chemically induced menopause (yay, not!) hopefully you’ll get yours too soon! Keep us updated ! X

sorry to hear about your situation : ( my advice is to concentrate on the present and getting well. i am in the same boat but have tried to switch my mindset to focusing on my body and its condition now - it has stopped the panic and stress. i had a long wait for my lap and after much complaining a cancellation became available- having said that i waited 10 hours to be seen & was last on the list & can’t help think it was a rush job and an error was made to carry out an agreed proceedure. so perhaps better just to wait and hopefully you will get your date soon.

fingers crossed x

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Thank you all for your reply’s Hopefully we don’t need to wait long, the year is coming in so fast already so our op’s will be here soon , prob best to trying so hard not to but when the pain is constant it’s a constant reminder.. xx

Sorry to hear it has been cancelled. I know the feeling all too well. I went in on 15 Feb and waited until 4.45pm and was told it was cancelled - before this point no one came to see me to say things are delayed they just made me sit there in my gown only to disappoint me. My new date is tomorrow so will be over the 28 days they are obliged to do it so I’m hoping all goes to plan. Good luck, I hope you get a new date soon!

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I hope you get your op , good luck and let us all know, hope everything goes all good tomorrow x

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