Laparoscopy cancelled

Hi ladies, hope you're doing ok so far. I was psyched up for my laparoscopy on Wednesday last. I was told to arrive for 7am and we were the first there at 650am. I saw the doctor, who was the same guy I saw in the clinic during my last appointment and he told me that unfortunately I was last on the list - last of 10! To say I was unhappy was an understatement. We were kept in a tiny day room. I was then allowed to drink until 12 so I knew I wouldn't be operated on until after 2pm. By 230, there were still 4 of us left. We were them visited by a co-ordinatior who said that there was a lack of beds and that there was a good chance our ops would be cancelled but we had a good hour to wait before they knew for sure. Finally at 330 there were 3 of us left and one by one we were called in to see the consultant and told to go home. Poor hubby stayed with me the whole time so I sat there in pain from 650am until 345pm. I hadn't eaten since 830pm the previous night. My consultant was very frustrated and apologetic and said that the op is too dangerous to do without a bed for the recovery. There was no beds anywhere in the hospital nor any at nearby hospitals. He is hopeful it will be rescheduled for about 2 weeks time. The coordinator will ring me at some point on Monday. Hubby had taken the week off to look after me, hopefully he won't have a problem getting more time off for my new date. £20 wasted parking at the damn hospital as well. I basically spent all day Thursday in bed because of being sat up all day without proper painkillers.

One other thing which kind of annoyed me - during my quick talk with the doctor, he said that if nothing is found then i will be discharged back to my GP. I reminded him of the fact that the Mirena was fitted because adenomyosis was diagnosed during an MRI and that it had only been in 7 months. He said the only treatment for it was a hysterectomy and he wasn't prepared to do that. I'm 40 next month and my fertility is zero due to years of PCOS (I don't even ovulate) so surely it should be my decision?

This week has been rubbish in terms of pain, with period style belly aches on top of the usual pelvis pain. On top of all that, we had to have my cat put to sleep yesterday. She had kidney failure and only had a few days left. She'd been losing weight for a few weeks but still eating normally. In the last few days she was drinking loads and hiding from us, just wanting to be alone. It was a shock, I'd convinced myself it was something like diabetes but sadly not.

Fingers crossed my rescheduled op won't be too far in the future - and that this time, I will be near the top of that list!

Annabel x

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  • I'm so sorry to hear you've been through all that. Disgusting way to treat you!! It's nerve racking enough going for a lap but to then be told you might not get it. That sucks! I really hope u get it soon and u don't have to go through all that again. Can't understand why they booked you in to then not have enough beds. X

  • Had a call from the coordinator, I've been offered this Saturday for my lap. It won't be at the same hospital but a private one called Parkside. My consultant has a clinic there and even though its private I'll be treated as an NHS patient and won't have to pay for anything. I've said yes so am now waiting for Parkside to call me with details. After what happened last week I'm hoping I'll be done early. At least I should be comfortable while I wait.

    Annabel x

  • Dear Annabel, i am sorry you have to go throgh that. It is ridiculous to put 10 patients on the list on one day!!! I have been suffering from endometriosis since 2002 and had 2 surgeries already and i am having the third one on 14th March.

    It must have been horrible for you to wait for ages without food!!! Terrible. However, i think it is good in a way it happened. You do not want to be 10th patient on the list as the surgeon is tired and it is easier for a mistake. Besides I work in many hospitals in South London ond South East of England and i have to say Parkside is one of the very few hospitals i would go to and have my surgery done. I am not sure where your original surgery had been planned. If it was St Georges or St Hellier you are in much better theatres and coditions. Please let me know how you feel after your op. keeping fingers crossed for you. Xxx


  • You must have been at St Georges. 20 pounds for the car park speaks for itself!!!! Parkside is 500 per cent better than Georges!!!! Lucky you!!!


  • Thanks Joanna, yes it was St George's. Before being sent there, I was sent to Mayday in Croydon and it was awful. I was quite impressed with St George's until this happened. Funnily enough I thought the same thing about being 10th on the list, I wasn't happy. I've been told my consultant is one of the best but hey, everyone gets tired! My dad's partner says the same thing about Parkside, it's good to hear other people's perspectives - to be honest I'd never heard of it. My consultant seems to have a Saturday morning clinic there so I'm praying I won't have to wait around like the other day. I will update when I've had my lap - second time lucky I hope!

    Annabel x

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