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Lap was cancelled and is now on New Years Eve...quick symptoms question?

It has taken me so long to write on here because I was too angry to think about how the lap got cancelled. My surgeon was rude to me on the day of the lap, it wasn't who I was expecting to have, it was somebody I had never met before despite being told I would have the same person as always. After I'd sat for 6 hours in my gown waiting to go in and I hadn't eaten for 12 hours, I saw her walk out with her coat and bag. It was only AFTER I asked the nurse why my surgeon had left that they bothered to tell me it was cancelled. Their excuse was that the diathermy machine had broken. My fiance was waiting for me in the recovery room said that he overheard the nurses saying that it was just that it was getting a bit late. Couldn't even believe that I'd waited four months for that and now it has to be on New Years Eve! Sorry... rant over!

My question was... do any of you ever get pain shooting up your backside (your bum) when you're menstruating? And is this a symptom of endo or just a common thing for women? I've had it for a while now and it's not pleasant at all!

Thanks! Sorry about the rant!


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I get the shooty up the bum pain but have never related it to anything. It just happens randomly when I sit down so not sure if its normal or not but you are not alone with this. I was told once it was down to constipation but I've had it when I've had the opposite problem so who knows?

Can't believe how they treated you in hospital, we're people not numbers grrr. Every single time I've been to the hospital I've seen somebody different. I've only met my actual consultant once just before my second lap, My first lap and all my appointments have been with different people and it seems this is the norm where I am unless you go private.

Hope you finally get your lap and find some pain relief in the mean time xx


Thankyou! No i'm not constipated, completely normal bowel habits at the moment but I have just started my period and it tends to happen then randomly. Hmm, I wont worry too much about it. It's not as bad compared to other problems on the whole :) I just had a moment of curiosity!



i dont know if this is the reason for your shooting pain but ever month i used to get shooting pain between my vagina and back passage to the point where i was immobilised with the pain. It turned out i have endo on my bowl/sigmoid, bladder, and a few other places and that my left tube was stuck to my bowel and pelvic wall. since having a 2nd lap to unstick everything i must say it rare now that i get that pain.....

as for the way you were treated this doesnt come as a shock as much as it should. i truely am disgusted for you! I sincerely hope that you do have the one on NYE!

Good luck



Hi, really really sorry to hear about your delay and how you were told (or not told more likely). So stressful for you. I hope NYE goes well.

Yes I did have the stabbing shooting up-yer-bum pain during my period. Sometimes stopped me from moving as it was so excruciating and I would be shallowly bre-a-t-h-ing perched on the edge of the seat if I was sitting down. For me it was definitely related to my endo. After my lap in Oct 11 when I had endo cut out I have not had any recurrences of this pain - my consultant said it was related and so far so good. Good luck.


Thankyou so much all of you. My period is now over for this month and hopefully should get sorted now and will be the last of that kind of pain and that they will treat me!


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