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Lap cancelled!!!!!

Just wondered if anyone has had their lap op cancelled at the last minute due to 'unforeseen circumstances'? I only had four days to go. I had sorted time off, covered lesson (I’m a teacher) my partner has taken three days holiday so he can look after me. I feel so angry and spaced out. You wait for months and weeks to hear of anything then you wait some more to hear where you are on the waiting list and then this. Thankfully the post arrived on time otherwise I would have turned up to up at the ward and have been turned away!

It is my second lap and this time I am more anxious. Last time I had really terrible gas pain and I passed out a few hours after the op due to low blood pressure. I am waiting to find out if my tubes are blocked and how my endo has progressed over four years. I am starting to have more pains and I am unable to have sex with my partner. Today I just totally freaked out and just screamed my head off in utter disbelief at the situation. God only knows what the neighbours thought.

Sorry to rant, but I really feel left on the shelf. We ladies go through so much. I feel like writing to my MP and telling him what we go through. Maybe we should all do that on mass and get our voices heard xx

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On lap was cancelled 2 days b4 I was goin 2 have the lap I did get a lap two weeks later though you could complain to pals at your local hospital and they will look into it for you I know exactly how you feel as you work your self up to have the lap and then let down hope you get another appointment soon


I am so sorry to hear what you've gone through. Definitely write to your mp, and contact PALS, too. Stay strong; you obviously have a loving partner, and you'll get sorted soon if you keep on at the hospital. I hope your school are supportive. Demand another lap asap; I'd call the appointments every morning, until they were so sick of me that they'd squeeze me in earlier. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. Don't give up. Xxx


Thank you for your replies, I am feeling much better today. I had a red mist yesterday I was so cross. I will be phoning to see if they can put me in earlier, I don't see why I have to wait so long again. My school are supportive, but I am unsure if I can move marking GCSE coursework which my new appointment falls on! If they start mucking me around they better be careful, I am in no mood to be pushed around, MP, PALS and anybody else who will take note will be contacted. Thanks again, I will keep you informed xx


I know exactly how you feel. This time last year I sat in a hospital corridor for seven hours before being sent home, my operation being cancelled on the day. Extremely frustrating, especially as I had also set everything up (work, parents driving 100 miles to come and look after me, etc etc). I had to wait another month before it was rescheduled. Definitely get in touch with PALS, also write to the CEO of the hospital to inform them of the situation. Ring the admissions office daily. Don't feel like you are being a pain - you are the one in pain and they need to offer you a level of care that is satisfactory and will help. Good luck x


I started to reply to this yesterday but then thought that there probably was a Red Mist situation going on and backed off! LOL!

Just to say - I had a procedure cancelled at short notice because of "Unforeseen Circumstances" - it turned out that the doctor's husband had collapsed at work with a massive brain haemorrage and she was, quite rightly, sitting beside his bed in intensive care.

I had to wait a little while whilst they rescheduled everybody on her list but I was seen to fairly quickly given the circumstances.

I totally understand why you are so frustrated, but they have so many targets to meet these days that they don't cancel unless there is absolutely no way around it

Hope you get sorted soon :) x


I have got another lap on the 30th of May. I am very concerned that it will be cancelled againat short notice. It is very hard/ impossible to actually talk to anyone at the hospital. Phone just rings until the answer phone kicks in. I have calmed down at least. I was so stressed about it, along with other issues that i felt like I was cracking up. Thanks for you responses ladies xxx


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