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Cancelled op!


So hyped myself for the big day and after a 3 1/2 hour wait in my gown and stockings my op got cancelled!! My local hospital is under special measures and is a mess at the mo. Basically it was cancelled as there was no beds.. At all!

Consultant couldn't be anymore apologetic and sympathetic, he was lovely and very annoyed. He said he had waited for me for 2 hours, just as there was no bed he couldn't operate.

To say I'm gutted is an understatement 😔

Been waiting for this day for a long long time and now have to wait for another letter for a new date.

Already felt like I was being pushed to the back of the line and today hit the nail. So frustrated. Back to the waiting game.. Sorry for rant 😔

Ellis xxx

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Oh no!

Hope the new appointment comes thru quick and isn't too far off.. I was last on the list and told the surgeon had to leave at 12.30, so when it got to 11.30 and I'd still not moved I was getting ready to tantrum, but mainly cause I'd gone so long without food!

So sorry for you, must be an awful feeling as I know how much I was looking forward to my op to get some answers xx

I feel so so sorry for you. Mine was cancelled the night before and that was so upsetting . But to be in hospital ready, is even worse. I hope they rearrange you soon. Mine is planned in next Wednesday ( 3rd time lucky..) but i am expecting it to be cancelled as all the hospitals are struggling with beds ... Hope you get news soon

ellis13 in reply to Chidders

I know I'm so gutted..

Started a period today and in absolute agony, I just wanted to be sorted.

Hoping I get another date soon x

How frustrating is that!!! That's so bad! especially when you were waiting there in your gown etc! I had mine cancelled and pushed back. So next week I have mine now and hoping that it dosent get cancelled again! Good luck! And hope you finally get the operation soon xx

ellis13 in reply to katymarie

I hope I get another date soon too Hun. Everyone seems to be getting cancelled, it's terrible! Good luck for next week xx

The same thing happened to me- I waitied 7 1/2 hours before I was told there was a bed shortage I was so upset. You get yourself psyched up to have it done, it's very disappointing. I hope you get a new date quickly- I got my op the following week xx

ellis13 in reply to angelpie12

That is terrible! I really hope I get a date ASAP, I'm fed up now. You do, you get so psyched up and then nothing. Constantly feeling let down xx


I got to the hospital @ 8.30am to have my appendix out - no food since 8am the previous day either!!

Was changed into a gown etc and sat in a chair until 5.30pm before going in for my op due to no beds!!

They had to do my operation as they thought my appendix were going to pop so they had no choice but to find me a bed!

As you were booked in I think it is bang out of order to not have a bed ready!!

I will leave my comment there as yes I fully support our NHS, but lately they make me sooooo mad!!!

Here's hoping you get a new date through ASAP and get the treatment you need.


ellis13 in reply to Hidden

Oh my gosh that's sooo long waiting!

I'm so gutted, as today I've started another period and in absolute agony, I just wanted some answers 😔

I completely agree, if you were booked in, you have a bed! I know I fully support too but this last year I've had nothing but trouble. I really hope I get an appointment soon now xxx

Hidden in reply to ellis13

Bless you!! I've just finished mine so I feel your pain!!

Fingers crossed that appointment comes through the door very soon!!


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