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HI What causes the back, hip and leg pain in endometriosis?

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I am waiting for surgery to remove 4 endometriomas and endometriosis, been prescribed mycrogon 30 for pain and this has helped tummy but not back etc! Thank you for reading x

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i really don't know, but i can tell you where my pain is and my where my endo is, and then that might make some sense - my 'always there daily' pain is lower left back and front pelvis and it travels down my left leg, it is like a tugging, pulling, throbbing and sometimes stabbing pain. then i get lower back pain all across, and all across the front too, a bit like labour contractions and then i will usually have a bleed, or if actually on my period the labour pains last for several hours a day each day whilst on.

i know that my womb is tilted backwards, just that alone can cause back ache, but i know i keep having choc cysts on ovaries, and that i have a lot of endo, on my ovaries they are stuck together and to something else, endo on bowel, in pouch of douglas, and pretty much everywhere in pelvis, so maybe the combination of tilted womb and then all this endo sticking stuff together is what causes these pains as there is also ligaments in the pelvis too so it could be on them, i always think that my left sided pain is very much like sciatica, maybe its pressing against a nerve xx

hi the endo attaches itself to the nerves causing the pain and ache you comment on in your legs and back

IT could be the endo directly aggravating the nerve endings, or it could be the pressure put on them by the endometriomas, or possibly even the endometriomas are leaking blood and that is aggravating the nerve endings too.

With luck the removal of the tumors will relieve much of that extra pain, but it isn't always the case, so you should be aware of that.

I also suffer with daily lower back pain, dull, nagging, dragging, gnawing ache, like period/labour pain and I have been diagnosed with Endo on both Uterosacral Ligaments (these hold the Uterus in place) and a tilted Uterus. I am waiting to find out what my options may be xxx

Thank you for your replies this as really helped x

hello poppy/tango. i have chronic lower back and hip pain, i have just been put on zoladex as the pill and pill injection didn't work. its taken me two yrs of sheer pain and asking the doc to send me to endo specialist at which she said yes back pain could be connected. the pain of endo in back wont stop untill cut or lazered just like in the womb.

i keep my fingers crossed for u and hope the pill does work in the long run. xxx

I have just been put on GNRH with addback (chemical menopause) to see if after a few months it eases my back pain, confirming whether or not my chronic, debilitating, daily lower back pain is Endo related (I have been convinced all along it is and have had tests on back to see if anything structurally wrong, came back normal). Fingers crossed and fast forward 3 months please :) Hoping you are doing ok today ladies. xx

... to see if it is related to the Endo on my uterosacral ligaments. x

I experience this pain nearly everyday on my hip, my back the thigh,knees and calf muscle. I have bilateral endometriomas. I am going to have a surgery soon to remove my cysts. They are 7cms endometriomas. I thought it might be sciatica pain, but my gynaecologist thinks that it is endo that causing it. I take amitripline to numb my pain. Really tired of this pain.

How did you find about your endometriomas. I have bleeding problems too. I bleed any time of the month. What symptoms do you have with these cysts? Would love to hear from you.

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Hi sorry have only just seen this! My bilateral endometriomas were picked up on a transvaginal scan which I had done due to pain! I was diagnosed with endo 12 years ok after a miscarriage, I have since had a little boy who is 10 next Sunday and until recently had not suffered too much!! My main symptoms are back leg and hip pain as I said the pill has really helped me but I do still bleed on occasions and this is not so good!

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