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Hip/leg pain???

Hi everyone,

hope you are all as well as can be............

do any of you suffer with hip and/or leg pain? i have ben getting pains down my leg more so the left one and my hips are reall sore at the moment giving me pain when walking sitting and worse of an evening when im in bed............

was just wondering could this be connected to my Endo.......

Thank you

Nikki xx

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Yes it is connected with endo, its when endo affects the nerves of the area, giving you the pain feeling down your leg/hip.

I had this pain and many more women in this site. The worst is in bed and sitting, so when you are trying to relax and the nerves dont allow you to.

Jo x


Thank you so much for the reply......... I was starting

To think I had something else wrong with me!!

It is a lot worse of a night really affecting my sleep


Thanks again xxx


Hi Nikki, Yes mine is so much worse at night and really affects my sleep. Does your's hurt when bladder and bowel full or what I mean is do you find this worsens it? I long to have a lay in but this never happens because I am always awoken by pain. I can take all my meds before bed, Co Drydamol for pain along with Fybogel and Merbervine, even Lactalose which I have to take as codeine bungs you up plus a sleep tab and I will sleep for maybe 4 hours before pain starts ripping me out of my slumber! Probably when the pain killers start to wear off! I often wonder if I could ask my Gp for a slow release pain med.

Haven't tried Volterol but anti imflammatories are known to damage stomach lining if taken for more than short periods so I stay with codeine. If only we could all find a slow release strong pain killer that allows us a proper full nights restful sleep....I also take Colpermin, peppermint caps when I wake as I find pain makes me anxious which I think triggers acid release, worse at night. I do have Diverculitis and small Hiatus Hernia as well as history of extensive endo and adhesions (scar tissue thought to be causing alot of my pain).


Have you tried voltarol? I have really back sciatic pain on my tight hand side and have done for over 10 years now, I find standing in the same position for any length of time hurts (my excuse for not doing the dishes!!) any anti inflammatory will help ease the pain but you do need to take them for a few days before you'll see an improvement as they need to build up in your system. I find yoga really helps as the other muscles I'm my back and legs stiffen up to try to protect the painful bit and end up pulling my posture out of alignment so if find it really important to keep everything supple and stretched.




I am sorry to hear of your identical problems to me, yet it is interesting to find I am not the only one with these symptoms. I can only describe mine as a deep pinching, deep inside my hip which has this pulling, pinching feeling which never goes away and is much more evident when I am sitting (as now) and I wake when my bowel and bladder starts to fill with a gnawing burning pinchy pulling pain in my right pelvis inside my right hip. I haven't slept well for years really and have had surgeries, laps and hysteroscopy where extensive endo and adhesions where excised but I think some left due to proximity to bowel. I get a constant ache in my right hip which often travels into my low back and down my right leg to knee. Sleeping tabs get me off to sleep but I am gradually awoken into a state of semi sleep (because I am so exhausted by it) I think my body and brain have learned to stay for a while in a half sleep where I am aware of pain until the pain ramps up and I get bladder/bowel pain forcing me to the loo. I often have to make a few trips to urinate during the night because of pain which slightly eases it but it never goes away completely. I find I am very stiff especially in the morning and struggle to get up if sitting or kneeling, my hip feels glued up. My Gp thinks it is adhesions more than endo now as I am menopausal. I think the scar tissue gets stretched when bowel and bladder full which is attached to other organs together with nerve pain. I believe endo can grow it's own nerve supply or so I am told! I do find walking and being upright is the least uncomfortable position so I try and walk everyday. I keep meaning to try Yoga but as I have had stomach muscle cut in the past due to endo (removal of tubes) so was a bit concerned I have a weakness there. Someone said Pilates is also good. I am not sure which is best? It could also be ovary stuck to bowel/wall or similar.


Just had reply to this comment, it was the bit where you said your hip feels glued up, that's what I keep telling my hubby, that my whole pelvis feels like cement, so heavy and stiff, no movement :( xx


Hi Ducky

No I haven't tried that but will give it a go I'm willing to try anything!

I have tried using stretching exercises but will now give yoga a go as at the minute I'm in constant pain

Thanks again

Nik xx


Hi Nikki, if you do go to yoga make sure and tell your teacher that you have an injury or however you want to put it so they know that they need to guide you gently in moves where your hip flexibility is bein worked on. I had an awful teacher years ago who actually grabbed my leg once and yanked it into position despite me saying it was sore I left in absolute agony and rage and told the woman exactly what I thought of her and never went back! I've been to loads of different classes over the years since and have never had any problems so don't let that put you off! It's just really important to let your instructor know xx

Jullyanne, Pilates is brilliant, if you've had a muscle removed its definatley recommend Pilates as it concentrates specifically on strenghtening your core, ie your stomach musc les and the muscles that 'girdle your waist pelvis and lower back. Can't say enough good things about it, same as above though make sure you tell your instructor about your surgeries. The main difference is that while yoga does help with your strength it's really more about stretching and positions that increase the 'chi' or blood flow if you like to retain areas to improve health and well being whereas Pilates really does focus on your core strength and supporting good posture through encouraging muscles to work as they should! So many of us don't actually use a lot of our core muscle very much as we sit around at computers and drive everywhere!

Happy yoga and Pilates classes girls :)


Hi, I too have hip and pain that goes down the front of my right leg to the knee. After years of going round in circles seeing gynaes etc I was referred to the pain clinic. The leg and hip pain has been diagnosed as neuropathic (nerve) pain which I think is right. I also have endo and have had dermoid cysts etc. Apparently it is the genito-femoral nerve and they want to do a nerve block so I will post how I get on. There are meds for nerve pain but they gave me migraines so I don't know what will be tried next. I wanted to pass this on because your pain sounds the same. Please ask you GP and see if they agree x


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