Leg and hip pain

Hello ladies,

I have been suffering with a lot of pain in my lower back and right hip and the top of my right thigh. It's got quite bad over the last few days to the point where it's effecting my mobility, I'm having to move much slower than normal and quite often limping as putting weight on my right leg really hurts. 

I was wondering if any of you had had this at all as it's been suggested that this could be unrelated to my endo. 



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  • Hi - leg and hip pain can be caused by referred pain down the sciatic nerve from uterosacral ligament involvement. This is worth monitoring and if you do suspect it you need referral to a specialist centre. Have a look at my posts. 

  • Me too it's constant, I've been referred for Physio & a MRI scan on my back. Prescribed prostop which I'm not going to take and the pill for 3 months and to monitor my symptoms. It's horrible. have you tried a heat pad ? Xxx

  • I get hip, leg, bum, back pain as well as the pelvic abdemen pains, my legs feel very heavy and aches, I had endo found on uterosacral ligaments, and Im awaiting another laparoscopy to see what's going on, xx

  • I get really bad pain in left hip, groin, and very achy legs at front of thighs and my back is so bad. I'm starting pelvic physio to see if that helps before considering having another Lap as Mri didn't show anything, my mobility is very much effected hot water bottles help a bit and para with codine help my back when it's unbearable,  you have my sympathy it's horrible xx

  • Same here - severe back pain at various points in my cycle. I also get throbbing, heavy (if that makes sense) pain on the front of my thighs and hips but i thought that was due more to adenomyosis. 

  • Thank you all the replies, stops me feeling like its all in my head xx

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