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New Day to Change Sensors: DEXCOM (Nuevo día para cambiar sensores: DEXCOM)

Okay, so after finally getting through to DEXCOM on Tuesday at 9 pm, I had to change my sensor since it finally failed on its own. When I got through to the Rep. from DEXCOM, I asked about why there wasn't a way to get in touch with the company earlier in the day. He had said that they had been testing the phone system and it should be working like usual. I wanted to bring this up since I'm always told that the Customers can ALWAYS call for Technical Support 24/7! In any case, I'm getting another free sensor shipped out to my house between 5-7 business days. Hope it comes when I'm home so the box doesn't have to be outside for that long.

Bien, por tanto después de pasar finalmente a DEXCOM el martes a las 21:00, tuve que cambiar mi sensor ya que finalmente falló solo. Cuando pasé al Representante de DEXCOM, pregunté sobre por qué no había una manera de ponerse en contacto con la compañía antes en el día. Había dicho que habían estado probando el sistema telefónico y debería trabajar como el habitual. ¡Quise subir esto ya que siempre me dicen que los Clientes SIEMPRE pueden pedir el Apoyo técnico 24/7! En cualquier caso, consigo otro sensor libre enviado a mi casa entre 5-7 jornadas laborales. La esperanza viene cuando soy a casa tan la caja no tiene que ser fuera para esto mucho tiempo.

It is very odd how one day to the next seems to be tatally different since I've been using this new sensor so far. All day yesterday, my blood sugars were extremely high in the upper 200's to low 300's. But, eating the same food for almost every meal and a mini snack, the numbers were extremely lower today! First thing in the morning when I woke up, the DEXCOM said I had been in the mid-90's. That's not usually what I run at first thing in the mornings. This is odd because I had the same night time snack I always do before bed. I didn't even have yogurt because I wasn't running low before bed. I was in the 300's.

Es muy raro cómo un día al siguiente parece ser tatally diferente ya que he estado usando este nuevo sensor hasta ahora. Todo el día ayer, mis azúcares en la sangre eran muy altos en el superior 200's al bajo 300's. ¡Pero, comiendo la misma comida para casi cada comida y un bocado mini, los números eran sumamente más bajos hoy! La primera cosa por la mañana cuando me desperté, el DEXCOM dijo que había sido a mediados de los años 90. Esto no es por lo general lo que dirijo en la primera cosa por las mañanas. Esto es raro porque tenía el mismo bocado del tiempo de noche que siempre fijo antes. No tenía hasta el yogur porque no me agotaba antes de la cama. Estaba en el 300's.

Well, this is all for right now. Sorry this is shorter than normal. More to come next time! Keep on reading!

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Lamentable esto es más corto que normal. ¡Más venir próxima vez! ¡Siga leyendo!

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I find when I have a lot of life stresses my numbers are very different one day to the next, eating the same thing. Just like I find that strange, I normally go very low. Have found comfort that my husband does not travel on business 5 days a week because he wakes me up. I sleep through the DEXCOM alarms. I also find that an entire company would not have phone service for a 24 period. I applaud you for questioning them on their service. We rely on our DEXCOM's along with our doctors for feedback on our status plus our blood A1C's.

My doctor reviews my DEXCOM numbers and meals with me each appt. I do not take a blood drawing without eating or I would pass out and possibly have a seizure.

Good luck with the new sensor. I hope this one reacts better. Have you changed body soap you use before placing the sensor on? Just an idea.

Have a nice evening.

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Have you changed your soap you use on your body. The rape or needle may react with or cleaning routine you have before changing the senor. I had to change soap for my stomach area to a non-sensitive soap. I also tried using a prescribed prep ro numb the area that was a disaster felt the needle under my skin for days and numbers were off. Removed and replaced never repeated. Extra care in cleaning skin after shower then replace when dry, I even use a dryer to blow dry skin, Wiped the area before blow drying with clean water or hyrog. perox. the water before inserting I normally only use a clean dry/water/ surface. So to end that long going on CHANGE SOAP!


I don't know if it's the soap that's causing the problem, but I'll look into it. I usually clean the trasmitter before a new sensor is placed under the skin with an alcohol swab.


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