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Weeks 39 & 40: DEXCOM and FREE sensor on its way (Semanas 39 & 40: DEXCOM y sensor LIBRE en su camino)

Sorry this took a while to type up, but things have been keeping me extremely busy lately......  It's been those kinds of days when everyone and everything seems to go faster than you do.

Lamentable esto llevó un rato para escribir a máquina, pero las cosas me han estado guardando muy ocupado últimamente...... Han sido aquellas clases de días cuando parece que cada uno y todo van más rápido que usted.

Recently, I had to call the Technical Support for DEXCOM because during my 39th week using one of the sensors, the sensor wouldn't work for the 3 hours.  Most of this not working was while I was at my job for the Senior Center and ending up calling them very early in the morning.  When I had gotten through to a Tech Support Staff Member, they told me to change the sensor and put a new one in.  Unfortunately, I didn't have an extra one with me at the time and that would have to be done after work when I would be at my Nephew's house.  No one carries spare sensors in purses, I'm sure.  Plus, I wouldn't have any idea what my numbers would be for 2 hours until I calibrated the newest sensor with the receiver.  Funny thing is, while on the phone, I told the Tech Support Staff that I would do a test using my Breeze2 monitor and see what would happen if I used that number to calibrate at that minute.  He was okay with this idea.  Turns out, this "woke up" the DEXCOM's sensor and I got a number on the reciever!  Not sure how this happened, but I got lucky and another free sensor to be ordered.  It will be coming sometime Monday before ( if lucky) 8 pm.

Recientemente, tuve que llamar el Apoyo técnico para DEXCOM porque durante mi 39na semana usando uno de los sensores, el sensor no trabajaría durante las 3 horas. La mayor parte de esto el no funcionamiento consistía en mientras estaba en mi trabajo para el Centro Mayor y terminación de la vocación de ellos muy de madrugada. Cuando había pasado a un Empleado de Apoyo de la Tecnología, me dijeron cambiar el sensor y poner nuevo uno en. Lamentablemente, no tenía uno suplementario conmigo entonces y esto se tendría que hacer después del trabajo cuando estaría en la casa de mi Sobrino. Nadie lleva sensores de repuesto en monederos, estoy seguro. Más, no tendría idea lo que mis números serían durante 2 horas hasta que calibrara el sensor más nuevo con el receptor. La cosa graciosa es, mientras por el teléfono, dije al Personal de Apoyo de la Tecnología que haría una prueba usando mi Breeze2 supervisa y ve lo que pasaría si usara ese número para calibrar en ese minuto. Estuvo de acuerdo con esta idea. ¡Resulta, esto "despertó" el sensor del DEXCOM y conseguí un número en el receptor! No seguro cómo esto pasó, pero me hice afortunado y otro sensor libre para pedirme. Vendrá algún día el lunes antes (si afortunado) 20:00.

While at my Nephew's house, I put a new sensor in and recalibrated around 6:30 pm.  So far, this new sensor that I had brought from home and was waiting for me at my Nephew's (my parents put it there while I was at work) is working with some hiccups, but not that much to say anything's wrong with it.  This new sensor was put in on Tuesday.

Mientras en la casa de mi Sobrino, puse un nuevo sensor en y calibré de nuevo a eso de las 18:30. Hasta ahora, este nuevo sensor que había traído de la casa y me esperaba en mi Sobrino (mis padres la puso allí mientras estuve en el trabajo) trabaja con algunos hipos, pero no tan mucho decir que algo es incorrecto con ella. Este nuevo sensor se puso en el martes.

More news later!

¡Más noticias más tarde!

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Hi, you have a second sensor that is lucky. I just replaced a new sensor today has been a year Dexcom pointed out when then filled my last weekly script it was time for a new sensor I had never heard of that in the 21/2 years I've been with them. Looking forward to seeing if it is more precise. 

Hope all is well with you busy friend.


The new sensor got here yesterday afternoon.  It was just 1 sensor in the box.  I need to change it this afternoon.


Mine is in and not sure it is reading very well, may just need to break in or it may be and my extreme highs and lows. Spooks my husband one minute I can be normal next dropped far below 80 and crashes to the 40's. It is a battle to get my score up but I can tell the 30's- this new sensor seems to behind in reading. I have had to to do blood draws to check my numbers and the Dexcom was (new sensor) off.

Hope you had a good day!


You're suppose to do the testing by finger to recalibrate every 12 hours.  Have you been doing that?  You can calibrate 2 times a day as scheduled and only if necessary once a day depending on what the difference between the real number and what the DEXCOM is reporting.

Sometimes, my numbers get close to the 80 and below mark for the DEXCOM.  Have juice or/and snack at the time.  Helps bring up the number if the number isn't extremely low, but low enough that I can do something on my own about it.

The day at the center was very hectic and I had to take care of a few things......  Very stressuful and very quick on my feet for the answers to the situtations that had been happening around me.  Hopefully, it'll be a lot better tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Wish me good luck!


 Yes, I test twice a day sometimes more just to make sure the DEXCOM is correct since the sensor is new. I'm so insulin sensitive that I drop so fast if I get near 120 the next minute I could be way below 80 before I even blink. Seems like sense I came home home from the hospital I have been on a roller coaster. My system internally is off but outwardly I'm doing well and together. My mind is functioning well, not like many episodes in the past. In a way almost better very strange. Some of my motor skills are improved. 

Do hope work is better for you and not so crazy we do not need that stress. You sound great beside that hope everything else and your sweet kitty is well. 

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Thank you!  Will see how things go today.

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Let me know, I'll be thinking of you.


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