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My PP Sugar reading at 100 today !


Today, morning I did my usual static yoga, Pranayam...meditation...took a nice warm water bath.. no physical walking....

I was energetic as young as my school days....measured my fasting blood sugar by my contour Glucometer By pricking my middle finger Glucometer apps from my mobile gave me a Red alert as it was low 75mg/ dl, while I was happy to see for the first time in my life a fasting blood sugar of 75 and I was absolutely feeling fine....

The apps started blinking and advised me to eat Sugar or some Sugary sweet and also press a button in my apps which will call my spouse or connect to my Physician...

Since I was absolutely fine ..I did not opt to call anyone....I went ahead for my usual breakfast of 10 idly , 2 cups sambar , half a cup green chutney made out of green Coriander/ Mint / curry patta, spinach , ginger, Lemon ..... 2 boiled and cooled Potatoes ( overnight cooled in a freeze) , Green Salad, my usual morning supplement of flax seed 1 table-spoonful. My fruits were 1 full orange, 1 banana, and Green Salad

After this heartful breakfast, I tried to contact my Doctor to ask him if I could skip the morning tablet doctor was not reachable...he was out of the country.....

I decided to skip my morning oral tablet which l usually take - this is the only one tablet for the day ..did not do my morning Post meal exercise. Sat on my sofa set and watched across the world....

After two hours, my PP sugar was 100.

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Now you have started sowing seeds of envy. By the way, are the idlis of normal size or mini?

namahaAdministrator in reply to ramana42

Dear Ramana Idly's were of medium size- neither king size nor mini like Sarvana Bhawan of chennai or MTR of Bangalore...😀

But apart from idly ,I took a lot of other things as you can see in the post.

soni1 in reply to namaha

I think it take 15 days to taper the effect of medicine. If this values continues for another one month, it is a great achievement. I wish this really happens to you, so many vegetarians can eat their favoirte foods.

ramana42Volunteer in reply to namaha

Envy no more, only admiration. I used to go to Saravana bhavan (diner)for the sambar. Idlis were incidental

10 idlis, oh my god, cant believe!


HI namaha,

That's great blood sugar control! Way to go! :-) I personally feel that calling a doctor to let them know what you had done dealing with skipping/not taking a dose of medication would help them know what is going on and everyone will be on the same page for when you need to have an appointment and go over the blood sugars for the last 3-4 months. This way, they will know why the numbers are the way they are and they won't have too many questions. :-)

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