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LCHF followers - Be aware of high Sodium in Processed Cheese and Butter as high sodium could lead to increase in Blood pressure

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I am new to LCHF. I feel great after practising LCHF.

As a part of my LCHF diet, I took Amul cheese slices which had fat content of 26% and protein of 20%, no carbohydrate.

I took just 2 slices ( each slice weighing 20 gm) in the morning and 2 slices in the evening.

After 3 weeks, I find my BP which was always subnormal @ 100/70 without medication now increased to 130/85. I always maintain a Low BMI of 18-19.

I cautiously stopped Amul cheese and my BP reversed back to 100/70.

Amul cheese slice contains 1400 mg of sodium per 100 gm cheese. Apart from sodium , it contains class two preservatives such as E200 which is basically sorbates and benzoate. Also some colouring agent is added as a additive .

Therefor please be aware of processed cheese though it is a great LCHF diet for a Vegetarian guy and tastes good.

Same thing true with Butter which also contains moderately high 800 mg sodium for every 100 gm.

So paneer or indian cottage cheese is great without any sodium and preservatives. The other good fats are Ghee and coconut for a vegetarian, though there are a lot of choice for a Non Veg LCHF follower.

The above fats such as cottage cheese, Ghee and coconut hardly contain any PUFA omega 6 and so there is no question of omega 6 and omega 3 imbalance.

Request long term LCHF followers please share your experience in your journey so that others can get benefitted by your experience and that is the sole reason we are here in the community

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In USA - most Indians buy UNSALTED - butter and make Ghee at home from this butter.

In India - you can buy butter or Ghee - home made at Farmers home in villages.

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Making cheese at home is very simple. Youtube has lots of videos on the subject.I used to make it at home,but not now,being a vegan.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to ramana42

Dear Ramana

I too was a vegan till date. But seeing LCHF diet, I started compromising in stead of depending solely upon coconut

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Namaha, please buy organic unsalted butter and organic paneer(made from A2 cow milk is preferable) always and avoid products from any big commercial non organic brands like Amul, etc

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namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

Thanks. Any info where we can get unsalted butter and organic paneer?

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barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

I buy Akshaya Kalpa organic butter and paneer from nearby organic stores here at Bangalore

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barani19Administrator in reply to namaha

Also,If you are based out of India, you can try an app called doodhwala which is focused on dairy products

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ramana42Volunteer in reply to namaha

Butter is available both in unsalted and salted forms.Table butter is salted and cooking butter is unsalted.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to ramana42

From where you get unsalted butter or cooking butter ?

Please avoid all processed butter ,paneer .Local products are available from some sweet stall in Odisha.

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