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What are the good T2 diabetes-friendly vegetarian fatty foods?


Dear All,

I have observed that my PPBS after dinner shoots up even if i have 1 chapati(with Long wheat) and per advise of others(courtesy: Namaha) have switched to a good fat foods for dinner as of now.

I could see from some of the posts that these vegetarian foods are good/effective.

1) Coconut meat ( Mr.Cure, are you still having it daily?)

2) Ghee/clarified butter

3) Paneer/Cottage cheese

4) Groundnuts(boiled) - found out to be very effective for the last 2 days in preventing the shooting of my PPBS

I'd be grateful if you guys add anything else to the above list.


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Some more good fat to add to the varieties :

1.Avocado fruit

2.Macademia nuts

3 Brazil nut

4. Chia seed

5 . Flax seeds

6. Processed Amul cheese

7. Full cream Yoghurt may be half cup in a day

8. Buy Amul cream and top up in your yoghurt to add further fat

9. You can also take almonds in limited quantities. 10-15 per day ok

10. Walnut

11. If you take egg, nowadays omega 3 fatty acid rich eggs are available in the market.

May God bless you!

barani19Star in reply to namaha

Namaha, Thanks a lot for providing this information. Appreciate the same.

As namaha plus olives and olive oil, most aged cheeses, most tree nuts, but watch carbs in pistachio or cashews, don't have chestnuts, sensible amounts of heavy cream, any variety of free-range eggs.

Cottage cheese has significant carbs; have cream cheese.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Concerned

What about low fat or fat free cottage cheese, Concerned?

namahaAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

No fat or low fat cottage cheese becomes a high protein cheese.

Therefore full cream cottage cheese like Amul full cream cheese with 28% fat is a better option in a Keto high fat diet.

Having achieved your carbo count , you must also watch your protein count to achieve a Keto ratio of 75:25.Though Suramo practices up to 60:40 where 75 and 60 are fat where as 25 and 40 refers to sum of protein and carbo.

Carbo to be limited to max 5-10%

Activity2004Administrator in reply to namaha

Thank you for the explanation.

barani19Star in reply to Concerned

concerned, thanks for the reply.

How about having Organic paneer? i presume it has almost zero carbs.


The error could be in your Glucometer please check.

Our body is a wonderful machine.The spike might also be related to natural body fluctuations that occur during sleep. During the night, newly released hormones might increase your body’s resistance to insulin, which ultimately impacts your body’s ability to absorb sugar into the cells, resulting in high sugar levels in the blood.

Our T2 livers also keep dumping sugar endogenously into the blood to some extent. So don't worry, you are in the right path.

Also if you are trying out LCHF, your body initially can swing from ketosis to carbo and vice versa.

May God Bless you !

barani19Star in reply to namaha

Thanks for the encouragement namaha.

greetings, wheat and by products including millets is the main source to make one sugar level go up. avoid MIlk and its by products. In the morning have white pumpkin (200 gms) with skin and its flesh and see how it works. many foods to be stopped (root based, corn, veg oil) and have butter, ghee, cheese when feeling hungry, until you get back and can have a good healthy life. if possible, do some asan for faster recovery

barani19Star in reply to bramesh

Thanks Bramesh. What kind of Asanas are helpful? Could you provide some guidance in this regard?

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