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This is what happened in three months on a very low-carb ketogenic diet


I have been following very low-carb.( 25 gm + - 5 gm max.) diet to resolve my blood sugar issue. Here are the results after three months on ketogenic diet:

1. HAPPINESS INDEX SCORE: Rose from 5/10 to 8/10.

2. PEAK AFTER-MEAL BS: Reduced from 225 to 135 max.

3. FASTING BS: Reduced from 121 to 104. ****

4. HBA1C: Reduced from 6.4% to 5.4%

5. BODY WEIGHT: Reduced from 79 kg to 66 kg.


7. OVERALL STABILITY: Few weeks in the beginning were indeed hard particularly because it was an extreme change for me - from 60% carb to 5% carb. But at the end I have a very stable feeling. No hunger pangs every two/three hours unlike in the past.

**** I do not think there is much improvement in the fasting BS because during home monitoring I have been getting varying readings from 104 to 120 on different days. It was just luck perhaps that on test day I got 104.

DIET: I followed non-vegetarian M.E.A.L plan:

M >> MEAT >> Chicken/Lamb/Bacon/Fish

E >>> EGGS

A >>> ADDED FATS >> Butter/Ghee/Olive oil/

L >>> LOW CARB VEGETABLES >> Net carb under 5 gm per 100 gm.

SNACKS: Walnut, Almond, Cheese, Yoghurt

In addition to the above I added following mid-way in the journey:


Finally, I am thankful to all group members for continued encouragement and support.

UPDATE : I have been continuing with low carb meals and have added several vegetarian dishes which are quite healthy, enjoyable and keeping the blood sugar within target.

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Are you buying any yogurt product from the market and preparing it at home?

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Indian1990

I normally use locally available products. I buy natural Greek yoghurt which has high fat content and very low carb ( 4.3 gm per 100 gm). I understand this is similar to Indian 'hung curd' as used by others in this forum.


Hi Praveen55,

Congratulations on the great start with the hard work you've done so far. The A1c is really fantastic! Keep up the hard work! Can't wait to hear about the next updates you have for everyone. I'm really proud of you. :-)

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Activity2004

Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I am really grateful for your continued support.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Praveen55

I believe that you can do anything that put your mind to doing!😀


what is this happiness index?How did you measure it?

Praveen55Moderator in reply to rvmasalvad

Unfortunately everything can not be measured. It is the internal experience that one feels. I have just tried to quantify it. I wish there was some instrument to monitor this.

rvmasalvadVolunteer in reply to Praveen55

thanks.i thought there must be some method when you said5/10 and8/10

Take heavy break fast giving priority to fats , fruits and protein along with little Carb. This will take care of bringing down your sugar spike after lunch and also even after Dinner. You did n't need to starve. You can have comfortable Lunch and Dinner with Carbohydrate. Try to use only Virgin Coconut Oil and control the use of all other Oils.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to kuttyachariya

Hello kuttyachariya,

Are you saying that if I consume heavy breakfast rich in fat then later in the day or evening I can consume carbs without high spikes? At the moment, I seem to be very sensitive to carbs but I have not used coconut oil so far. I will include that and see the results.Thanks for your suggestions.

Yes.Heavy breakfast with fats n protein is sufficient. Happy day

Thank you for sharing Praveen55 . helpful post for me..

Well done for your hard work ! Very good stuff !

Fantastic work! In the US this is called the KETO diet and you can measure on a daily if you are in ketosis by blowing ing to a hand held simple machine that gives you a ready. You can order it on AMAZON, my husband has followed this diet for over 2 years and lost 65 obs and currently maintains his weight with the diet. I follow only a modified diet as I'm very thin and Type 1 and epilypic although it is fantactic and precribe in the states for both-not for following to strict without a higher carb. load when you weight 90lbs. It is excellent to lower the A1C keep up the great work I look forward to hearing your future progress.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to cherv

Thanks, cherv. Yes, you are right, it is ketogenic diet which is very popular in the states and is catching up with diabetic communities all over.

Do you remember the name of the ketosis measuring device that you mentioned?

cherv in reply to Praveen55

I've had a chance to spea to my husband and it is Ketonix avaible on Amazon, they have other brand ranging in price. He also used strips in the beginning to see how far he was getting into ketosis. He still follows the diet after dropping his 65lbs that came with age and changee in job. Travel and business lunch and dinners he had to learn how to eat differently. This diet you never feel empty it's a change of mind set and eating. You can go modified as I do or complete the majority as he has does. To begin you cut you calorie intake, that I never did just supported him in cooking and meal prep. You must avoid grains, pasta and riice plus pastries goods besides Keto ones which are excellent. One learns to cook with different products ghee, almond flour, coconut flour, their will be recipes on Pinitrest if you are intrested or looking up Keto recipes on line. Praveen is very correct you could follow his figures and do very well. You'll find True Keto is strict on high fat if you love butter, ghee and cheese , you'll be in heaven. Some % protien-meat .seafood, certain veggie's they have a list along with fruits. Many fruits are high in glucose and will spike you and I have not heard Preveen prompt that concept. Hope the information was helpful and you find the product they can fange from US $ii.00 upward. One does not need a very expensive monitor, the strip help as a backup and are inexpensive

Praveen55Moderator in reply to cherv

Thanks cherv for sharing the useful information. Ketonix is available in the UK on Amazon at price of £175 (US $250). I will go for strips to start with which is much cheaper starts at £10 in the UK. Of course, with Ketonix there is no recurring expenses.

cherv in reply to Praveen55

Great they are my husband used both, found the Ketonix more correct.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

It's great to see you cherv. It's been a while since we've heard from you. How's the Keto diet working for you? I've been doing the low carb high protein dieting for a while. That keeps my numbers nice and even during the day and in the night hours-- unless there's an out of nowhere dropping-- like a few nights ago.

cherv in reply to Activity2004

I do a modified Keto diet as they are still trying to put weight on me, only weight 93lbs.. I need to gain at least 6lbs. It's a battle but the diet does work wonders with numbers. I'm like you have that fragile drop at times in the night hours. My husband runs and gets the cereal bowl. It's good to talk with you also how have you been besides working on-line? Still working at the center? How's your sweet kitty? Bear seems to be on a up swing. Sorry for long chat!

Well begun.



Great work. This should give inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to suramo

Thanks for your support and kind words.

My age is 34 I have 218 and 318 gluc level taking homeopathic treatment from one month and using ragi and wheat meals reducing to 160/265 but losing weight anything to advice praveen sir

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Lakki

Hello Lakki,

Please let me know your height and weight. Are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Do you take eggs?

Sir height 5.9 and weight 72 I came to know that am diabetic last month

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Lakki

5.9 means 5 feet 9 inches?

I use both non veg and veg and eggs

Yes sir

I lost about 2 kgs weight from one month


Here are my suggestions to you:

1. It is important to rule out the possibility of LADA also called Type 1.5 diabetes because of your young age. You can get yourself tested. Talk to your Doctor about this.

2. As you are non-vegetarian, it should be rather easy to follow low-carb diets. Please remember any diet will affect the post-meal blood glucose number only to start with. Carbohydrate gives maximum rise to the blood sugar and therefore their intake should be reduced. Ragi and wheat- both have high contents of carbohydrate. In my opinion, you should stop consuming them. Go for non-vegetarian meals and lots of green vegetables.No fruit or juice please. Do not be afraid of consuming healthy fats e.g. Coconut oil, Ghee, Butter, Olive oil. What I am suggesting you is to follow MEAL plan with no grains to start with. If you need any assistance in planning your meal please let me know.

3.Keep monitoring your blood glucose and weight regularly. You can achieve your target weight by adjusting your meal.

4. Your blood glucose is high. Do you know your HbA1c? Consider standard medications to bring it down to non-diabetic range in order to avoid possibility of any complications. You can always go off medications when your conditions improve due to dietary changes and exercise.

M034 in reply to Praveen55

Hi praveen,

My age is 30 I have 110 and between (158 to 197) gluc level , not under any medicine. My doctor has suggested to follow a low carb diet and brisk exercise for a month ( situation to be monitored post one month). I have been losing weight and muscle mass. My height is 5.6 and weight 68kg. Have lost 2 kgs in a month. Request your advice to overcome the weight and sugar spike problem. Sugar spike seen after lunch which involves rice.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to M034

Good that you found a Doctor who is supporting low carb diets. You should be able to get lower post-meal number following low carb within a week or so if you do not have any other complications. Are you having a muscular body? If not, then losing some weight should be okay for you. If you do not want to lose weight, you have to consume more food but not carbohydrate. Please let me know what is your desired body weight? Also describe your diet on a typical day. Rice is not a smart choice for low carb meal plan. As such your numbers are not bad, but it is good to take care of blood sugar at an early stage without medication.

M034 in reply to Praveen55

Hi praveen,

Thanks for the reply. My typical meal is as below

7 am : fenugreek powder with water on empty fruit either sweet lime or guava. Gym till 8am

Breakfast between 830 to 9: 2-3 chapathi or ragi/ rava dosa with vegetable curry, one glass of milk.

11 am: fruit or sprout

1pm: lunch 1 medium sized ragi ball or 2 chapathi and 50gms of rice with vegetables.

4 -5pm : 1 glass milk.

6 pm: 1 bowl of sprouts.

830: dinner 1 ragi ball and 2 chapathi with vegetables.

I had tried no rice diet for a week which resulted In me loosing 2 kilos in a weeks time and made me feel weak.

I had muscular body, but after losing weight I look thin.

I want to maintain a weight of 70kgs.

The FPS and prandial values are post following the above diet. The reports look fine except that the doctor says I have fatty liver.

M034 in reply to Praveen55

Missed out to mention a point:

I had mutton 2 days ( lunch -dinner-lunch) and included an avacado post breakfast. Now the fbs has gone up to 130. Not sure as to what caused this change.

OK sir thank u is weight loss occure in type 2 also ? I think I have bcom diabetic before six months or more due to wt loss I went and check up glucose level then I came to know it was 218 and 318

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