My Diabetes completely under control by blood report done on 25.6.14 after following LCHF diet

Dear medfree ji...Please comment on my report done on 25.6.14 by SRL Diagnostics. My HBA1C is 5.6, fasting BS is 105 and PP BS is 101. I mainly depend upon three small chapaties per day, Amul Butter, Pure Desi Ghee, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil for frying Pakodas,Curd, Full fat milk in tea and 150 ml at night, almost one egg omlet per day loaded with paneer. And regularly fruit like apple and dry-fruits like peanuts.almonds, walnuts. I take vegetables like tinda,ghiya, bhindi palak, methi, moong dal or tuhar dal and chicken or chicken kabab once a week. I do walking for 45 minutes per day ( as15 minutes in 3 intervals).And for controling diabetes, I take 1mg Glimpride in the morning and one .2 voglibose at night before meals. My serum cholesterol is 217,triglycerides 156, HDL is 35, LDL is153 and creatinine level is 2.1.MY BP level should be 70 - 130, which is at times more than required level by the doctor.For controling my BP I take amlodipine 5mg twice, Metaprolol 50xr twice , telma H h 80 once and ecospirin 75once daily. Please advice as to how to improve further.

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  • TG is high. Try and see if adding freshly ground flaxseed to your lifestyle offers any advantage. Pl note that this may interfere with blood thinner medications so talk to your doc once.

    Increase green vegetables intake. What does your doc say about creatinine levels?

  • Your fasting blood-glucose is bordering on high for that test, and your triglycerides are high. You need to watch the quantity of carbohydrate you are having still with fruit, dried fruit, dals, pakodas, tinday and peanuts for example.

  • As Indians,we are prone to low HDL,nd slightly high cholestrol levels due to our genetic makeup.What really matters is the lifestyle factors that can lead to hear problem,coupled with abnormal lipid profiLes.Lipid profiles shows whether you are at risk for coronary heart disease(CHD).Total cholesterol<200mg/dl is desirable,Triglycerides<150 is normal,HDL 60mg/dl.and above is considerd protective against hear disease,HDL<40mg/ risk factor for hear disease,LDL(bad cholestrol) is the main source of cholestrol build up and blockage in the arteries.LDL<100mg/dl,is optimal,LDL160-189mg/ considered high.Normal need to be careful,but thre is no cause for alarm.You need to raise HDL or good cholestro.Modify your diet and increase your physical activity

  • Dear rksharmakumar....Thanks for the advice, please tell me as to how to increase the HDL level

  • Total cholesterol is not cause for CVD/CHD. The important factors are TG, HDL and dense LDL particles. Carb reduction is the most primary remedy for bringing down TG. There is no any specific method which can raise HDL. What is effective for one may not be beneficial to somebody else. Reducing inflammation, anaerobic exercise, VCO, omega -3 fats are some of the effective remedies.

  • Certain blood pressure medicines can raise triglycerides too.

  • As he is on 5 drugs, combined effect could have some on his TG. I think he has Indian genetic disposition for lipids. He should test for appo b for LDL type.

  • Yes. I would go on to add hsCRP, ESR, Homocysteine levels to that list. A more detailed analysis would also involve VAP profile, but not sure if any lab does it in India, and I don't even know if doctors are aware how to interpret the results. All they know is push STATINS above 220 or so. It is the L3+4 which are dangerous and not all LDL is bad so STATINS are one of the most over-prescribed and useless drugs. More on LDL3+4:

  • I think Vap, particle testing are not available anywhere India. Even those available markers are hardly tested.

  • Lal's Pathlab does LDL sub-fraction tests. Will enquire what it actually is.

  • They have long list for heart and other deceases. I think apo B is similar to LDL particle testing.

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