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Omega 6 and Omega 3

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Since we are discussing more about fats while following LCHF, I need more education about fats. I am really confused about how to make proper balance of different types of fats,As an eggiterian I have limited sources of Omega -3 and abundant source of Omega 6 and then saturated fats has a different story:):). How to make a balance of OMEga3/Omega6 and saturated fat for LCHF, as we are concentrating more on fats now?

1. How much Omega3 is enough for our bodies?

2.How much saturated fat will be too much?

I read about this on internet and really confused now:):)

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Use 30 Gram flax Seed in a day to full fill your Omega & Fiber Requirement. Can Use light roasted course grinned and mix with 10-15% SAT Esabgol, will be more suitable. take twice 15 Grams each time 30 minutes before meals, with 2 Glass Warm Water.


But i read somewhere that Omega-3 from flax seed is not very well absorbed by our body.


I did not read about LCHF...I was more concerned about omega 3 / Omega 6 ratio, as eating a lot of nuts to get good fat again going to increase the amount of Omega-6 in body...as Indian diet is already high in Omega6.

My mother is having osteoporosis and my wife's mother having ulcerative colitis...both are inflammation related problems...I wondered if cod liver oil/fish oil can help them...my wife's mother got a good relief from eating flax seed laddoos:):)Now I think that problem was deficiency of Omega-3:):)


Perhaps you are right..carbs(specially grain based) along with other deficiencies(omaga-3) are main problem in Indian diet.If I go and tell anybody for not to eat wheat in north India,they will start starving:):)


First of all Flax seeds do not replace Flax seed Oil. If you purpose of taking flax seed is to get Omega 3 Oil, then you are defeated in your mission. (Be ware that Flax seeds do not sprout under normal conditions) Even when we consume Flax seed Oil, it should be BITTER-free. Otherwise, we would be complicating the symptoms. Only Bitter free Flax seed oil help overcome our any metabolic disorders.

For therapeutic purpose, we may take 15 ml of Bitter free Flax seed oil. If we want to maintain our conditions we may consume half of it.

Flax seed oil serves no purpose, if we do not consume enough saturated fat/Oil. For patients having high Serum Triglyceride and T2DM, we cannot go by the quantity mentioned.

If we do not consume enough saturated fats, we would be muting the functions of Liver. If liver is muted, the growth is muted.

w6:w3 ratio should be 1:1. that means our w6 requirement is just 15 ml max. Then rest all should be saturated fats. i.e, nearly, 40 to 50 grams of saturated fat. You must aware by this time that Fat/Oil requirement for 1 adult in a day is about 75 grams.

There is no heart healthy oil excepting saturated oil and w3 oil. Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Rice bran oil deliver more of w6 and w9 (about 80%). Best Oil is filtered Groundnut Oil and Coconut Oil. It is advisable to take-in 2 to 3 spoons of Ghee.


Good explanation with good direction.I will see how can I get fresh flaxseed oil. I still have to add coconut oil in diet...again a question: how much coconut oil per day or coconut per day for LCHF diet?


I do not want to believe, any website or any references. I have got enough of experience. If any doubt please try and check yourself.

Please do not abruptly jump into these changes immediately. our body may not accept it. So try to do changes slowly but steadily. Your target should be achieved over say 2 months.

Everybody is aware of compositions of all veg oil. Please computation by yourself.


I challenge that FSO from Prano is highly Bitter. I too had tasted it. All my observation just right with bitter free FSO.

Please go through comments completely. Let us not just react.


Which are the brands ...should we consider for flax seed oil in India. How to get to know that it is just the right taste ...not bitter...like mustard oil is already bitter ...so i guess flax seed will also have natural bitterness in it.


No. Flax seed is more of inert /earthy. You may notice that flax seeds when soaked in water do not sprout like any other pulses. This indicate that Flax seed do have lot of anti-germinating enzymes that stop the seeds from sprouting. So these anti-germinating enzymes make it in-digestible in our system. So the purpose of taking Flax seed is defeated when, w3 is not made available from seeds.

Always human mind works on alternatives and never accepts facts. Here is one, where we consume Flax seed for w3, despite the fact that Flax seed causes constipation, and allergy. Having taken seeds for w3, eventually not happening, we justify it saying seeds have lots of fiber.

As everybody had experienced, FSO gets aerial oxidized very fast. So now our problem is reduced to get FSO more stable. It is turned stable, it would continue to be bitter-free.

The Password of Complete Health is in making FSO bitter-free.


Let us not think that "I alone can Achieve". Let us first understand the concepts. If we view with colored glass, we cannot see the true color.

No body has achieved bitter-free FSO is not a golden Standards. What they could not achieve, had been scientifically established.

People may even get shock if I declare that nearly 5000 T2DM patients had been cleared of diabetes.


I have never said about any product here. I just say concepts which had given results. For what reason this forum is for?

I think you are totally confused fixing your only views as standard. I think I need to call it, as you are not open to ideas.

PPBG and FBG should be different. PPBG should be more than Random bg. Then why call PPBG and random Bg differently. The differences are designed.


This forum is just not Mr.Anup only. What do you mean by independent study when deny all?

Understand first what is told. That itself not done i am not interested in developing another debate.

Finally tell me what is your problem? Tell us go one by one.


It is not enough to get fresh, it should be totally bitter-free. Otherwise there will be complication.


Can any one send me a consolidated LCHF diet details


Hi friends,

We should try to make a soothing environment in community, as all of us are here to

heal ourselves. I think we should avoid harsh comments, so that other people dont feel offended. I got this link and new approach to look at diseases and their emotional causes apart from diet and physical causes...see if this can help you too:


And dont forget to smile atleast 100 times in day...this will cure your diabetes (Really!!!I am I am not joking:):) )and it has no efforts and side effects...try it for one year and let me know the results:):)

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After all we are not machines...far superior creations than machines:):)


Yup smiling always keeps worries away. Unlike cancer, diabetes can be handled by diet, exercise nd vth or vtout meds. Let us put a bold sunny side up 😄😄 nd keep trying.


Hi, let me continue the chain regd omega 6 and 3. My knowledge is based on reading in the health, medical and fitness sites. Humans require these fatty acids in 1:3 or 1:4 ratio for proper growth nd cell repair. All refined grains, seeds and oils are high in omega 6. While flaxseeds, chia , walnuts, canola oil, animal liver nd bones, marine fishes are high in omega 3. High grain eating and consuming seed oils makes very high omega 6 in body causing inflamation thst lead to heart problems, cancer, diabetes etc. Now, nonvegetarians consuming liver nd bones are at less risk provided they eat organic meats. Modern day animal livers are highly contaminated due to fertilized fodder nd so humans who eat. Seafood is good again if it is toxin free. Coming to vegetarian source of onega3s, these are high in ALA (alpha linolic acid) while nil in DHA nd EPA. All 3 components of omega3 are reqd for nerve health. Body can convert only some amount of ALA into DHA (very little). For the onega 6 v have accumulated we oils to eat buckets of seafood or capsules. So fitness nd health specialists say to reduce onega 6 by consuminh EVCO (coconut oil has least onega 6) nd ghee along vth brown rice, lentils , vegetables while consuming seafood or liver nd bone broth once in a week. Vegetarians like me can pop 1 or 2 fish oil capsules while changing diet. Too much omega3 will cause adverse effect i.e everyday seafood vth no carbs and oils. Seafood, brown rice , vegges is ideal i.e what v see in japan, greece etc. Thanks. Happy omegas👍👍


Now coming to consuming flaxseeds, i vl put my personal knowledge. I am from north karnataka, vr flaxseed is called agase. In our homes agase chutney (dry or wet vth chillies) is prepared in little quantity nd consumed in a week. Few years back, vn all the fad about flax started i realized its or own agase. V always keep this chutney in opaque jars. Now i know the reason that it turns rancid nd vl be toxic for body. Only one wet red or green chillie chutney v do, v add very little raw ground flax seed along vt garlic, turmeric nd mustard powder. This is marinated in jadis ( pickle jars) nd consuned vt jowar roti, hot rice bd ghee. Back home, they say eat less agase chutney as too much vl cause heat. Now i know too much ALA causes imbalance. My son and sister-in-law who consumed the yummy chutney powder  i prepared for every meal complained of burning sensation while peeing. Definitely our ancestors have made enough research on food and science behind it. When i am sick or down, i prepare this fresh chutney nd eat vth jowar roti or rice nd feel all energized. So in my opinion consuming flaxseeds in lot is wrong. Consuming flaxseed oil is a no-no as v dont eat if it is a week old. Oil might have gone rancid long long ago...

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Even I heard from people who get the oil from flax seeds from the mills in small villages...that flax seed oil turns rancid and bitter very soon.Because of this problem they dont consume oil in larger quantity for long.Still eating tisi(flax seed) laddoo with jaggery is still more popular.

In my family people are basically vegeterian ...for them eating fish is impossible as it has a fishy smell and so the non veg has its own smell...to get them eat egg is hard work for me:):) still I do...I am thinking to use cod liver oil now...as vitmain D deficiency is also very prominent in vegetarians.Specially in India...now a days I hear a lot of Vitamin D , B12 deficiencies from people and then I found a new one ...which is Omgea 3.We have to somehow fix the nutrition in daily food in India to get healthier younger generations :):)


Now to get higher dose of positivity...you people can look into these :

The movie is based on story of a real person.

We need more holistic way to get out of problems:):)


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