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Is cheese vegetarian or non- vegetarian


As we do not know what process is adopted to make cheese...we really don't know if cheese we eat is vegetarian or non vegetarian....

But amul claims ..


Milk is coagulated by the addition of rennet. The active ingredient of rennet is the enzyme, chymosin (also known as rennin). The usual source of rennet is the stomach of slaughtered newly-born calves. On other hand, vegetarian cheeses are manufactured using rennet from either fungal or bacterial sources.

"We do not use any animal-derived rennet in our cheese. That makes it pure vegetarian, which is important for Indians. That is also why it says "vegetarian cheese" on the pack. As it also has a unique taste because it is derived from buffalo milk, NRIs across the world prefer to buy Indian cheese,'' said Amul marketing head RS Sodhi.

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I think this is a rather weak semantic argument. 

Cows don't grow on trees!


Non vegetarian food means the food collected with some sort of 'Himsa'

Cow is producing milk for calf....not for us....and to milk cow we tie calf and milk cow....isn't that amounts to 'Himsa'????

By this logic...milk is also non vegetarian....

same thing applies to Honey.....

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Hmm, sounds like when you are being partial here. When you eat vegetables, are you also not killing them too? Plucking them in their prime, cutting them up with sharp knives, and chomping them between your sharp teeth and then pushing them down your throat and then allowing them to suffer in the gastric juices which has a pH of 2-3. 

There are also lots of tiny insects and even microbial stuff sticking to the plants that we eat. So, while we may proudly proclaim that we are exemplary vegans, we are in fact not really so. Then there's also boiling veges in hot water and steaming them, etc. 

Veges are forms of life too and they do have consciousness and they feel pain as well. We have to eat to live and killing animals, plants, etc for food is inevitable. A better word than killing is sacrifice, it's Nature's sacrifice for our sakes so that we can evolve higher.

Far worse than the killing of animals for food is character assassination which you can even find at HealthUnlocked - it is a lot worse than the animal himsa you wrote about. The pen is mightier (more murderous?) than the sword as the adage goes, and I have already it seen it here at Health-Unlocked - many times - and you know who the killers are!

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Jivo jivasya jivanam: one living being is food for another

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yes, lions kill buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, etc for food.  Crocs eat any critter that comes their way, including humans.  Even the Venus fly trap plant eats insects - these are hard facts. If we look at all of these as acts of sacrifice - the buffalo sacrificing its life for the lion, etc. then it is fine. But killing for sport as in some safari game-hunt or foxhunting by the royalty in some countries are immoral and reprehensible - himsa, in brief.

The Tibetans and the Parsis feed human corpses to vultures... sounds gruesome but there are moral reasons supporting such practices. If you watch the movie 'The Gods must be crazy" you will see that the African tribe featured in the movie gently apologizing to the animal that he plans to kill for food.  I think we can practice that too in our lives.  And when we evolve higher, we will see that there is no objective world out there at all - it's all Maya, Mayavic projection from the mind only.   

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yes..Ayurvda specifically tells to pray to herb before harvesting.

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Oh, thanks for the info. 

Yes, I have Dr Vasant Lad's 'Yoga of Herbs' where he recommends chanting the following mantra while preparing herbs. The purpose is to increase the potency of the herbal recipe:

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Viche Namaha

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oh.....its better to play 'Rudra' while preparing for herbal medicines.

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Are you saying that just the word 'Rudra' is enough or that there is a mantra featuring Rudra?

And btw, have you or anyone come across, discovered or used the Vedic Soma herb that Indra would love to drink, etc?  It was presumed to be "lost" or disappeared.

cureAdministrator in reply to Hidden one knows soma......its mythological herb.....

Some says its type of mushroom....

rudra is chanting of shiva.....

u may search for Rudra path...or namakm chamkam....

these are two parts of Rudra.

Further if chanting of Mahamrutyunjaya mantra is done while taking medicine...its effect enhances.

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I read somewhere that Soma has been found... there are endless speculations by scholars about what it is. Yes I did that interesting article that tries to compare it with the fly agaric - Amanita muscaria but this is very toxic. One small fragment on the tip of tongue will send one into a trance or tizzy in v. short time. Lord Shiva seems to favor Bhang and then there is this practice of Shivambu which I guess you've already tried. I've also read about the Kaya Kalpa of the Siddhas which is interesting.  May go a-knocking on Lord Agastyar's door some day to see if he has any to offer. Do you have his address? 

If you get any reply to your reply, you can assume that I've gone to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's past midnight loh!

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Sleep tight dude... No one knows what is soma...

Read my post on kayakalp

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I used to play the Rudra chamakam that was recited and recorded at Ramanasramam most mornings during meditation, but it was much too long. So I played the other items on the CD instead. I guess it's one of your favorites?

The Kalabhairava Ashtakam is just as great. Try it and see if you have heard it before. The 21 names of Surya is one of my favorites - let's hope they provide the healing benefits as stated. I've discovered the wonderful MMJM listed as [3] below:

[1] Sri Kalabhairava mantra:

[2] The 21 names of Lord Surya:

[3] Mahamrutyunjaya mantra:

India is one of my favorite sites, The Banyan tree featured next to the masthead is a charm.

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oh thats not kalbhairvashtak....

listen to this...

This is one recited by Shrimad Shakracharya at Kashi.

You must get translation of same some day.

Also visit Kalbhairav temple at ujjain...

You will be surprised to see that in temple kalbhairav drinks whiskey/rum vodka....whatever offered by devotee.

You may search on youtube for clips of kalbhairav at Ujjain drinking whiskey.

Further now days in Indian Shivtandav stotra recited by 'Ravana' is very famous due to Movie on net about Bahubali shivtandav.

Personally I like shivmahimna recited by Pushpadanta.

Last time when I was at Kedarnath.....i sat near temple and played that....simply went in trans

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I only listened to it just to feel what it was all about. It was past life info that came to me - born on Mahabhairava day,  which was sometime in Nov-Dec 1878. That was the last one of the year. It has to do with the number 8 - ashta and even in this life, it's still the same no.  Bhairava's day is always the eighth lunar day.  He seems to be popular in Nepal. Your knowledge is amazing.

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thanx dude...i am lucky to have u as friend

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thanks for the sentiment. Time to zzzzzzzzzzzz.  Will talk again tomorrow.

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Isn't that great to be able to share and exchange notes across time and space?

The great theosophist Joy Mills once expressed it beautifully like this:

"We are only separated by skin."

What she means is that the essence is one only. The illusion of "twoness" is what Maya is all about. The inner and outer are really one only. If you prick a balloon, the AIR inside will leave and mix with the AIR outside - i.e. 'they' were separated by just the skin of the balloon :- )

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Well said 👏👏👏

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With this logic people starving for food can kill humans also.

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Very philosophical.

Nonveg means diet having meat flesh and / or blood.

It is said in sanskrit " jivo jivasya bhojanam.

By definition milk and poltry eggs are not nonveg though animal products.

Desi eggs are considered nonveg because they are fertilized and contain a life which turn into flesh and blood. Since bacteria or any other microscopic organisms have no flesh and blood their presence is not considered. As such they are harmful to us. So better killed. They don't have nervous system so don't feel pain. Plants and veg have no flesh and the fluid which we call plant blood is meant for supplying nutrition to the plant. Not having cells like rbcs, wbcs and other blood cells.

This is what is my understanding. 

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ShooterGeorge ; cure 

The mistake lies in this: people are not willing to investigate and find out for themselves - scriptural injunctions, etc are intended to guide but one has to go and validate them.

That's what the brain is for otherwise it should be located at the lower end, between the legs and/or even removed so that humans can function like those automatons that Japan and USA are feverishly producing so that humans will soon blink out of existence - because they can't even use their brain properly and oh yes, the Illuminati up there also thinks that these humans are largely 'useless eaters'. In fact, automatons are getting smarter by the day and will soon replace humans because they are unwilling to use their brain.

How do you know they are not feeling pain? Did some plant or insect tell you that, personally?  For every assertion or someone makes, there will be dozens or more counter-assertions, counter-arguments, or counter-theses, and in this cyber age, it is very easy to google any subject up. So if you haven't, then it means that you haven't even scratched the surface to find it out the truth for yourself.

If you ardently believe in your heart that being vegan is good for you, etc. pls continue - no one should stop you for that's your right and freedom to choose how to live.  BUT -

Do not turn it into some fiery crusade like some "pernicious god-squad", a term that my tutor and professor of archaeology at Leicester University, UK, would call "them", the people who would mindlessly and heartlessly bulldoze their way on campus with their blazing intolerance. Their slogan:

"If you are not with us, you are against us." 

This is nothing more than perverse idealism and insane intolerance.

Look man, we live in a world that is essentially dual in nature. Those who do not know are still asleep and if that is their piece of cake, I can only say, "carry on, dream on". 

The world honored one who live between 500-600 BCE has this to say: "Existence is duality." [read that at least a dozen x]

Let's not forget that he willingly sacrificed wife, son, extended family, and most of all, the Nepalese kingdom just for this:

To INVESTIGATE the truth(s) for himself ...

And [2016 + 550] years later, there are still people in the world who are NOT willing to investigate the truth for themselves.

And do you know what the final farewell words were to Ananda [cousin & foremost disciple] ... hmm, no, I think it's better to leave that to you and others to go and investigate, and find out for themselves what the valedictory words were.

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I accept vegetables, plants, grass etc do have life and they too feel pain when we take kill them but dear Cjuan its not as similar as killing animals. We cannot give birth or produce animals where as we can produce vegetables, trees, grass etc as much as we want. Can you make any animal live after cutting his head?? no right? We can cut a tree into two and then let it grow again with the same stem after applying some support and dung.

Can you lay egg? NO right? hen lays!!! suppose if we need 5 Onions, we can plant only 5 onions. so Non veges pls dont defend.

Pritk in reply to shyaaaaa

I agree.. moreover it is about the pain we cause to the animals. We should not kill them for food just because we are powerful today. Tomorrow the same tradition can start in humans. Stronger will eat the weak. How will that be justified then.


For milk and its products cow not killed by the person and used for milk  Cow gives milk its calf is o.k  But excess of milk from cow is generally used by the religious persons.  first they give calf  for  consume drink and simultaneously  after some time  they have taken milk from cow itself.  here there is no Himsa  given to cow or calf also.

  So  Milk is  treated as vegetarian and also its  products. But recently  the ,milk also produced by  Cow given excess of chemical  food and   try to  get excess of milk for commercial purpose  That is the separate matter

   Mutton chicken etc was forcebally killed the animal and used for consumption  This is non vegetarian Egg is also not killed the hen so the foreigners  treated it as vegetarian a or vegan food  and some  Indian places    Fish also treated as vegan or vegetarian .

 So the food concept of veg and nonvegcomes throughsome old  generation and it alsodepend  on that places  where the  food availabality and used most of peoples.


I stopped eating cheese for some days ...when I read about rennet :( west there are lot of things like this used as a food item about Sausage :)  ....In cold countries they invented many techniques to preserve food specially non-veg during winters when no vegetables were available...making cheese is a way of preserving milk for  many days 

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