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Good results with LCHF

Some 3 months ago, when I had a debilitating viral fever, my health check up showed pre-diabetes. Doc asked me to start metformin, but in addition I continued with LCHF diet , though not strictly. Then I went for another check-up 2 days ago and the lab tests showed the following results (Sept. figures in brackets):

FBG: 147 mg/dl (185)

PPBS: 130 (152)

Total cholesterol: 137 (227)

HDL: 43 (46)

LDL: 98 (155)

Triglycerides: 127 (217)

HBA1C: 6.9 (8.3)

My weight, however has dropped by only 4 kgs since then and is now 99 kgs (I am 5’ 6” tall).

I feel good to be ending this year with good results coming from good efforts. Can metformin alone achieve all this?

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If those results were confirmed, you have full blown diabetes, and you need to get your blood glucose down from where it is.

Well done on the changes you made that took you in the right direction, but something still needs to change; the lowering of blood glucose should have been more dramatic than that in three months.

Having lower post meal readings than fasting levels suggests the metformin is doing most of the work, and you need to eat less carbohydrate.

All carbohydrate breaks down to sugar in the body phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

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Concerned, thank you for that frank analysis. I don’t know why the doc said it was pre-diabetes. I will try and reduce carbs further.


These are a bit English, but they may help a little? phcuk.org/sugar/


Ha ha ha! Anup, you always manage to be wryly humorous while dealing the truth. I like that!

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Hi! Great to know you're trying to control. But don't just depend on medicine for that. Try LCHF diet. I did, and without taking any medicine came down from Hba1c of 16.4 to 6.3 in about 10 odd months. Just diet modification and increased activity did the trick. I lost about 11kgs in this period and haven't ever felt this fit ever. I can climb stairs... as many fights without feeling breathless at all! My blood reports were never this good! So go for it! All the best!😊


What are the physical activities did u do...can u share ur diet plan....


Thank you Vinn1. I need to get more strict with my diet now. I think I’ll be able to do what you have done!


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