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Need help with LCHF

Hi !I am a diabetic since last 11 yrs. I started on LCHF diet in December 2016, when I came across many motivating posts,here,in this forum,initially my BS numbers dropped a little,(e.g. FBS came down to 135 from 142 ,and PP came to 176 from 229 ,but lately the nos. are again creeping up (today FBS 182 and PP 229) despite every effort to keep my diet absolutely low carb.I take Metformin SR 850 mg twice after breakfast and dinner.I am giving here an idea of food I'm having.

Breakfast : one fried egg and a glass of lemon water, without salt (or sugar)& VCO 2tsp.

mid morning,one fruit ( a guava or half orange or 3-4 strawberries or a palmful of soaked peanuts

Lunch: One small roti (made of 2 tbsp.coconut flour+ 1 tbsp. multigrain wheat flour+1 tsp .psyllium husk) ,1 small bowl of lentil soup and some vegetable (no potatoes ) +cucumber/tomato salad

ditto for dinner( only one gravy vegetable in place of soup )

If having a meal outside , I stick to curd ,daal ,salad and sometimes a

wheat roti .

evening ,a cup of tea (with milk and 2 sucralose tabs.)and a palmful of

dry roasted peanuts+chana

before bedtime 2tsp. VCO

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong with regard to LCHF diet ? as I don't want to give it up


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Hi oslo1410; I am T2 also new to LCHF but I don't take any anti-diabetes drug. I normally control my BSL with low carb & low fat but I have now changed to High Fat. Based on your meals, you seem to eat well in terms of intaking minimal CARBS and proteins (plant based proteins) with high fats. Do you maintain this kind of diet in every meals apart from eating outside? Do you eat some green vegetables? How is your daily lifestyle eg exercise regularly? I was also wondering how effective is Metformin in controling your BSL as your both numbers are high. Did your doctor say anything about elevated BSL?


Luckysugar Thanks for your reply , yes, I maintain this diet strictly ,except one or max. two meals on weekends when we are out.I do try to include green leafy veggies at least once a week. Being a retired person I am moderately active but I walk for 20 /30 minutes in the evening ,7 days a week. yes ! I haven't seen the doc. since last 4 months or so as I fear he would prescribe 2-3 more medicines which I so wanted to avoid : )


If you don't want to take more drugs to control BSL, you must try harder to bring down its level with diet and exercise regularly. I am concerned with your elevated BSL and your age (as retired person) that you shouldn't fear to see your doctor. You should rather fear the unnecessary multiple health complications due to untreated elevated BSL. Perhaps your doctor needs to review the prescribed Metformen to something else for a better control. You still need to carry on a healthy lifestyle. With regards to LCHF, someone else may give you more advice. I am still new and have been doing experiments on this new diet. Good luck!


Avoid sucralose tab and no to any type of




Please tell us your height and weight. Lentils have high carbs apart from protein. Measure your 1& 2 hr pp after lunch and dinner and correlate with the food. You will soon find out the effect of food on your bs. Modify your diet accordingly. See which food suits you.


Sir ,my height is 5 ft. 7 in. , weight 72 kg. , as per nutrition facts one serving of Indian lentil soup has 16.5 g carbs ,mine is surely less as I don't use too many ingredients in it (like tomato, onion etc) just salt ,turmeric and little butter & lemon juice and portion size is small too,I will monitor BS 1& 2 hrs after meals as advised.



You must avoid wheat and its derivatives in all forms. Use millets.

Restrict carbs to less than 100 gms per day

Normal limit for protein is 1 gm/kg of your weight per day

Include more fat like ghee, olive, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avacado

Preferred to take egg yolk in milk and eggwhite as fried food preparation.

Avoid all sugar substitutes, In case you need use Stevia.

Do not use vegetable oil.

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