My experience with low carbo, high fat diet

A fortnight or so ago I interacted in this forum with Mr Anup for my numb feet. After interaction with him, I bought meter and daily checked my bs levels. They were in the range of 170 to 190 mg pp.

By his advice to switching to low carbo, high fat diet, I found my bs levels is in the range of 120-125 mg pp regularly. I am now taking 1 chapati/day with lots of green veg,fruits, nuts, curd etc.

I have noticed my bs level is under control even if I miss my dose of metformin 500mg some morning or evening. But bs pp is above 140 mg, if I eat more carbo, inspite of having taken medicine. Also my weight has reduced considerably. Last time 10 days ago it was 75kg reduced from 78kgs approx. Now the bulge in my stomach is gone. Previously I used to tell people that look, my weight has reduced and them telling me that I am mistaken. Now people telling me that I look slimmer. That too when I have started taking high fat diet. I am more energetic, look younger now and numbness in my feet is reduced considerably.

Along with metformin and BP medicine, I daily walk 5-7 kms for the last six months or so.

I am grateful to Mr Anup for his selfless guidance. I also thank owner of this blog for starting this very useful platform and all other blog mates who showed their concern to my problem.

I do not expect things to be perfectly normal in future, but I expect to have better control with low carbo high fat diet. I changed to LCHF diet with very good results. This is for everyone's kind information.



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  • Arvind,

    Glad that it is working for you. It works for everyone who moves to this diet and not just me but there are thousands and thousands of diabetics who have found improvement in all parameters. From just yesterday i have removed even 1 CHAPATI/day that i used to take.

    Just stay away from TRANS FAT.

    Slowly try and switch to COCONUT Oil even for cooking and eliminate the so called heart friendly oils like canola, safola,sunflower etc. Even add coconut item to your menu.

    Count your CARBS and try and move towards 100gms/day max from all sources taken together. I am sure that with passage of time even your BP will come down. Mine used to be 160/90 when i was dx'd with D in feb 2011 and now it stays stable at 120/70. I had picked up weight during last winters as i had almost no walk and BP went up to 140/80. It's coming back to 120 range now that i have lost 2 kgs from my peak of 75.6 that it went to in winters (i am 5' 8.5").

    Yes life cannot be boring. So i cheat some days and when i cheat i walk that little bit extra. I even have bought 15 lb dumbells and do 50-60 bicept curls two time in a day during the days that i cheat about 15-20 minutes after cheating. Personally i found that doing dumbells and pushups brought great impact to my BGL but due to shoulder issue i gave up on pushups.

    Body takes a week to adjust to LCHF. But once it does you start feeling more energetic, less hungry and you can never overeat on LCHF. As a caution, do keep a check on amount of total proteins that you take.

    As you get convinced that LCHF is not bad (what every damn diabetologoist / doctor / dietician will tell you and scare you with heart problems and all that crap) and really helps, start spreading awareness amongst all diabetics that you come in contact with. Don;t get disheartened if 90% won;t listen to you and would prefer PILLS to PEANUTS but even if you have improved life of 1 diabetics it's worth the time and pain.

    For an engineer's brain of mine i simply cannot believe Saturated FAT is bad. How can anything that gives "LIFE" be bad. Yes FAT from CRISCO or Proctor & Gamble is definitely poison.

    Your weight loss is going to hit a plateau after a given stage and if your BMI is still high then you will have to think about dropping one chapati :)

    Enjoy good health and keep us posted from time to time.

  • Pls, detail once for me & like me: >LCHF, Trans Fat. Am a suferer. Pls. detail, so I can folow. Expecting soon anupje ...

  • What do you eat?

    How frequently do you test your sugar?

    What medicines do you take?

    How much do you walk and when?

  • What are the types of LCHF foods for breakfast lunch and dinner .Please elaborate.Thanks

  • Start with breakfast:

    300ml+ Non Strained Hot veg soup from Palak, 1 Tomatoe, 1 small Carrot, onion etc topped with 50gms cream (malai) from Full fat milk and 50 gms Paneer Pakoda. If there's no "malai" add butter. Add garlic ginger etc to taste. If there's no paneer then much 50 gms nut. Use coconut oil for frying.

    No Starch stuff added to make soup. No corn nothing.

    Sip it, enjoy it and then test your BGL after 2 hrs and let us know how it compares... who knows you may feel so full that you may not even feel like having full lunch. :)

    Above presuming that you don;t have problem of kidney stones ....

    I even take 2-3 eggs omlette with lot of veg padding and cheese and 1 cup miljk boiled with turmeric and can skip lunch completely ...

    my nut consumption is 3kg+ /month since i don't remember when.

    Green tea with tulsi and lemon is my favorite beverage. I have stopped counting calories as i know i cannot overeat on this diet .. LOW CARB HIGH FAT

  • By the way i forgot to mention, I have an OMRON BP monitor also ... why pay even Rs 30 to paramedic 9at least that's what they charge in my city if i walk in for every BP check) for checking BP. Omron BP monitor that i bought was for ~Rs 1600.00 18 months back. So at some stage buy a BP Monitor also and keep re cord of your BP along with your BGL levels.

  • To control BP one can take deoction of dried Pomegranate seeds. Boil a cup of water after getting it boiled add three pinches of either powdered or whole, dried pomegranate seeds keep it for a minute and drink the decoction after filtering. Follow the proceedure twice a day morning and evening. The blocked arteries, veins get cleared and BP will return to normal. Follow this practice for a year. I am doing this since four months and my BP HAS REDUCED from 170/95 to 140/85 with medicines reduced drastically.

  • Yes pomegranate helps. For those with milder sugar problem even beet root can be tried in salad. But for most, beet spikes sugar level.

  • Rubbish

  • Dear Anupji,

    Thanks for encouraging me. I have BP tradional meter with me and normally I check once a week. I had noticed with increase in bs, bp too follows.



  • P.S: I have already started spreading the huge benefits of LCHF.

  • Great. Now aim for A1C of 5.2 or less within next 6 months. Don't worry too much about A1C if you are maintaining tight control on day to day basis. A1C will automatically fall. On Low carb diet your triglycerides will fall which will also reduce VLDL.

    Once you fall below 5.2 your chances of heart problems will be as much as a non diabetic.

    Read this wrt heart Problems and BGL/A1C values:

  • Dear Anup Sir,

    I have serious family heart history. Recently I have started coming to know about increase in bs level by sinking heart feeling with light pain in heart. I checked my bs a few times when I get this feeling and it was around 170-175 mg.



  • Monitor your BP as your Sugar levels get in control.

    After 6 months go for a metabolic profile test and see how they compare with your earlier values.

    Yes high sugar is bad for heart ... watch this video:

  • Congrates that you managed your glucose level well, thats the power of technology and selfless service.

    what items are Low carb. can u tell me what to take menu wise in b/f . lunch and dinner for north indian .


    devender agarwal

  • What do you eat?

    How frequently do you test your sugar?

    What medicines do you take?

    How much do you walk and when?

  • 4-5 chappati in a day, green veg 2 times, dal, 3 cup tea, milk, little fruit like apple, orange, evening snacks like 3-4 biscuit 0r bread

    medicine---istamet 50/1000 + dianorm od 60-------b/f , concor am5/5(BP) , glycomet sr 1 gm + 12 u insulin lantus ---dinner

    usually sugar is 110 fs, 160 pp check in 2-3 days

    walk 30 min daily some times skip it

    please advice for further couse of action, I am 39 yars and diabetic for last 12 years. get treatment in the best of the class hospital(Asian Institute of Medial Science)


    Devender Agarwal

  • To begin with can you replace 2 chapati with more green veg. basically restrict to 1 chapati/meal. Fill yourself with more of vegetables preparation.

    Replace milk tea with green tea + lemon. No sugar free.

    Biscuits and bread replace with NUTS ... restrict to Almonds and walnuts only to begin with.

    Watch your PPBS as you may need to adjust medicines.

    No Potato, Restricted beans, peas, beets, carrot.

    Basically if i were you, i would have removed biscuits, bread completely and adjusted medicines dose according to PPBS on changed meals.

  • Dear Anup ji

    I forget to mention my bp is usually 130 /90 with medicine

    I have Omron bp monitor model HEN 711 but that show reading once 170/100 and a minute later 120/65 that means not reliable. but through checked at doctor shows 130/90 usually. how to calibrate it. going to doctor and then compare there is not possible as they don't have time.

    Omron people also not helping , please suggest

  • Dear Devenderji,

    I am also in North India and calibration is always a problem.. I have a National meter purchased from Dubai around 15 years ago but working o.k.I also faced similar problems like you faced. For this, first of all you have sit on a armed chair in relaxed mood. Start taking the measurements after 5 minutes( at least 3 mts)after repeat for second time and observe the difference. It may be minor one. Regarding your High B.P. u can try this I am regularly doing this and my measurements have dropped from 170/95 to 135/85 . One has to take this at least for one year. It will cleanse all Blood carrying veins and B.P. will return normal. The medicin is: you take three pinches of pomegranate dried seeds or ground seeds, add it to one cup of boiling water and drink it like tea in morning and evening. Your B.P. will normal usually within 6 to eight months. You have to quit SMOKING.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, i do not smoke. pomgrenate powder means annardana?

  • Yes dried

  • Mine is HEM7203 and it is pretty consistent. I read 120/70 and pulse around 72-80 range. Normally once you take a measurement you don 't repeat on same arm same place for next 3-4 minutes.

    I have not calibrated in true sense but just compared reading once with what i got in hospital and then at home and then checked for others who had high BP and it all shows fine.

    Are you overweight by any chance?



  • Dear Mr. Anup, I am 61 year old and for about last one year I am having B.S. but mostly at normal say 103/145. On last 12th April I have done blood test and the lipid profile tests has shown "Total Cholesterol-154, Triglycerides - 225, which is higher by 25." Please tell me what is Triglycerides, is it some thing alarming: Should I take any other precautions for this to bring it to normal? My Liver profile is absolutely normal, In Biochem test Glycosylated Hb (HbA1C) 6.98 says it is only fair control. What is HbA1C?. 2-3 days in week I take Chicken curry for Dinner. Does it make any problem for Cholesterol? I was a chain smoker for about 32-33 years now, but I have reduced and occasionally I do smoking and whisky 2-3 pegs of 30 ml in alternative days. Expecting your advise.

  • High A1C and high TRIG clearly shows that your Levels run high and you are on a CARB loaded diet. Once you cut CARBS then triglyceridfes come down and alongwith that VLDL will also come down.

    To be safe you will need to aim for TG:HDL below 2.

    Pl remove whisky and smoking from your menu. I was a smoker for 27 years smokin g 20 a day. from Nov 2010 not even a single puff.

    A1C is an indicator of your AVERAGE BLOOD GLUCOSE for past b3 months. 6.98 is HIGH BY ANY STANDARDS.

    Pl refer following links on following threads:


    TRIG could be explained by Alcohol consumption so that needs to go completely. Once you go of alcohil, reduce c arbs your Trig wil come down and so will VLDL. AIM for TRIG:HDL < 2.0

  • Dear Anupji,

    Yes, I will.



  • I am a diabetic for last 38 years - still on oral hypoglycemics . I walk for 4 kms. / a day and

    the sugar level is OK . While I understand the benefit of low carb diet , I am skeptical about

    high fat diet as that may invite heart disease . RANO

  • Yes this is what all have been brainwashed to believe by ANCEL KEYS.

    Unfortunately that's not true.

    LCHF works wonderfully for everyone who shifts to it.

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  • Are you speaking truth ?

  • Yes Sir. Now I weigh 70kg. Still on LCHF diet. Taking metformin500mg twice a day.

  • Dear Medfree Sir,

    Thanks. My sugar levels are under control. FBS are 90 to 100. PP are also less than 140 when check. But sometimes when I eat more carbo, my lips start burning and I feel thirsty, have to drink a lot of water and then go to washroom many times.Sugar at those time is around 180 to 200. Also normally my mouth is dry. I take glycomet 500mg (normal) 2 a day along with bp medicine amplopress AT. In winter's bp couldn't be controlled without medicine. Numbness in feet didn't happen again. Liver and Lipid tests were normal. SGPT improved. I will get HbA1c done after 1-2 months. LCHF has no substitute, I would say.

    With Regards


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