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My experience with a combination of lchf with and without medicine is mixed. Without medicine FBS was not coming under control. The medicine I was taking viz. Glynase MF combined with lchf was giving good control but frequent bouts of low sugar which was Scary. This was the case even with reduction of medicine upto 1/4th. The knowledge that glynase whips up pancreas to secret insulin for 8 to 10 hrs irrespective of need of insulin made me switch over to Metformin alone (this was also suggested by Medfree). Now on 500 mg glycomet twice good control after 15 Days no fear of low sugar. Will go for reduction in medicine in a weeks time. Hope this is useful. Personal details: Age 62, 5' 9" 52 Kgs (thinly built) type 2 For 13 years. Always under moderate control, no other complications.

PS: Lost 2.5 KGS with lchf diet, trying to make up.


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  • I was also taking glimperide 1mg with 500mg metformin before lucnch and metformin 1000 mg in dinner. After switching to LCHF I stopped glimperide which is a pancreas whipping drug and sometimes causes hypo. Now I am taking only metformin 250mg in breakfast and 500 mg in dinner.Now I am feeling more energetic and control is also good.My FBS is 100 and PP is 140. I am 43 yrs old.I am taking 120-130 gms carbs per day.

  • Yes mf SR is good on stomach. Thanks

  • Can you guide me on the time frame by which all the complications mentioned by you will set in?

  • I need a two line reply

  • But in your reply six days ago you wrote that I will get all the complications. Why go back now?

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