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I am 28 years of age. I got diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago (Aug 2014) when I went to doctor having fungal infection. The readings were - FBS 180, PPBS 320, HbA1c 8.9 I was not overweight; (73 Kg at 173 cm tall, my waistline was 35.5 inches), but I was lethargic, used to eat some junk food (cream buns, puffs, potato chips and so on..). My father has diabetes from past 15 years.

I was put on Metformin 500 mg twice a day and I also started to very low calorie intake. I also did some life style modifications (30 mins walking, using stairs, etc..). Then in Jan 2015 I went up for sugar checkup then results were - FBS 59, PPBS - 87, HbA1c 6.8 I weighed 62 Kgs, waistline 30.5 inches. My doctor advised to discontinue the medicine and recommended just diet and excercise.

After that I have been monitoring my blood sugars using accu-check glucometer. Even without the medications my blood sugar is in control. I had 2 scoops of chocolate ice-cream this valentine day and checked my sugar level after 2 Hrs. It was 124. I will take HbA1c test in march. I have started eating normally (no low card diet) from past one month.

My question is can I control my diabetes like this without medication rest of my life or at some point of time I need to take medication. Please assist me if anyone has come with this kind of case.

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  • Glucometer is the best friend. Keep regular watch on BS. Meter won't lie. If BS remain in control then you should not be worried. But don't become again lethargic about your health and try to maintain good health with good lifestyle.

  • Thanks for your reply..

  • I think you are doing well, but from your post I presume that you are relatively

    young.I consider the most important aspect of diabetes management for you is gaining thorough and up do date knowledge about diabetes and putting it to good use in a serious manner.In this connection,I am pasting an article that I read which may be helpful to you.Good luck and take care.

    ''Two ways to dodge diabetes

    Given the epidemic of diabetes sweeping the United States and many other countries, it can seem as though developing diabetes is inevitable. Not so. A landmark clinical trial called the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) showed that a healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent type 2 diabetes. This three year study found that people who lose 5% to 7% of their weight and exercise about 30 minutes a day can reduce diabetes risk by more than half.

    The Look AHEAD study also showed that losing weight and exercising can be a powerful way to fend off diabetes. The trial compared lifestyle changes (portion-controlled diets with prepared meals and moderate-intensity exercise for at least 175 minutes a week) with simple diabetes education. After one year, people in the lifestyle group had lost an average of 8.6% of their body weight, compared with 0.7% in diabetes education group. With the combination of weight loss and exercise came improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure, and HDL (good) cholesterol. Later follow-up showed that these improvements extended over the first four years of the study.

    What’s more, the lifestyle changes also improved quality of life, based on questionnaires designed to assess the Look AHEAD participants’ physical and mental health. The greatest gains were physical changes — for example, compared with the control group, people in the lifestyle group were more fit, felt more vital, and had less body pain. They also reported feeling less depressed.

    Losing weight and exercising are simple ways to avoid diabetes. But they can be hard to do. If you’re ready to make some changes to avoid the life-long consequences of diabetes, talk with your doctor. Together you can create a manageable plan that increases your chances of success."

  • Thanks for your reply...

  • My experience is some what different.Over the past decades,I have benefited significantly by regular walking.Also,I enjoy walking while listening to my favourite music.The time spent in walking is my own and helps me to introspect and catch up with decisions I might be procastinating.Not just for my diabetes,I think my general health owes much to my regular walking.I also know several people with similar life experiences.

    By the way,what is your opinion about laughter clubs and yoga practitioners? Essentially, they are also aiming at better health.

  • @Meetu77, you nailed the exact point!! People who get diabetes in 20s have more challenges that who get in 50s. Also people in 20s will need to live longer with diabetes in their life than people in 50s, which means that chances of developing complications are more with us..

  • Life is triangle and in three corners we have Money, Time and Health. At any moment of time we do not have all three together. when we are kid, we have health and time but no money. when we get old, we have money and time but no health.

    Challenge is to optimize what you have and not to enjoy life in all circumstances.

    wishing you all good health.

  • Giving excuses will not solve your problem. If you are fit money can be earned

    but if you are unwell what are you going to do. Find time, some time, it need not be two hours daily. Get up half an hour early.This will help u a lot Anant

  • Hello,

    I am not finding an excuse.. but just wanted to highlight how life will be difficult for 'early diabetic' people.. :)

  • I just shared my experience.Life is complicated and each has to choose his own method to manage his sugar levels.There can not be strict guidelines suitable for all.Regarding laughter clubs and yoga,it was more an academic question.I am not into those methods personally.

  • I fully agree with Mr.Venkataramana. A Diabetic person must take regular walk. In addition laughter clubs - yoga will surely improve the blood sugar levels.Anant.

  • Remember !!!!

    DIabetic is progressive disease and unless you control in good way by means of medications and good diet, the sugar levels will go up again. keep checking once in a week at home. even i got diabetic in the same age and now i am 43 yrs but you know i keep checking it some times good control then keep eating more than while checking we start controlling again and so .......... on. THIS IS LIFE AND DIABETIC.

  • You are so young,and it appears that you worry so much. No body can predict future ,so no need to be pessimistic. You are doing fine and will continue to do so. Be happy,remain tension free,sleep well and keep yourself well hydrated. You won't have any problem.

  • Well said.. :)

  • Hello all,

    I did my HbA1c test on May 9th and the reading is 6.4; seems bit more is it?

    My FBS and PPBS readings are completely normal from past 5 months (FBS 85-90, PPBS 105-120) .

    I am not taking any diabetic medicines and I am not following LCHF diet.

    Please let me know me your views/opinions.

  • 6.4 is definitely not normal.

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